Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Still at Ankor Wat Sunrise

This is a few minutes before the one below. Because i am still studying the uploading techniques in this page i lost this one which i thought is already saved.

In effect i dont have the chronological order, but backwards, hehe.


  1. Hi Andrea!Very beautiful pictures,the tree mentioned is quite prevalent in India and I have seen the fruits being sold here,The architecture of the temple is also found here in indian temples,I cann't understand the language of your mail,except the word Hindi,are u learning the Language?My best wishes"meri shubhkamnayen"Ruchi

  2. Hi Ruchi, thanks for your comment.Yes sal tree or saldaam is common in India, of course the architecture is common because Cambodian ruins were built from 10-13th century depicting the effects of Hinduism until Buddhism. I wish you should have answered my dilemma about the real tree which witnessed Buddha's enlightenment, the sal tree or the fig tree...I am not studying Hindi. You read the Tagalog (Pilipino) words, hindi means no or not.


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