Monday, March 31, 2008

Still Angkor Wat, of course!

While waiting for the sun to change the color of the horizon, everyone tried to take pictures of everything they see. My contribution is the reflection of the vegetation at the left side of Angkor Temple. This is about 5:45am, 17 March 2008. I am at the other side of the pool, where most of the tourists are waiting for the momentous-spectacularly-famous Angkor Wat Sunrise.


Then, the color changed and here is the reflection of Angkor Temple!

Finally, the most awaited moment! I will not
put words anymore. You have to be there too
to savor these moments.


  1. Hello, Nidz, ayan binisita ko na ang blogsite mo at nagbasabasa rin ng konti. Buti ka pa ang ayos tingnan yung text at tsaka pics. Meron din ako site pero alam mo magulo at di rin ako kasinggaling nyo ni Ging magsulat. Anyways, keep blogging and I will visit this from time to time.



  2. Salamat Elena. Parang bola yata yun kasi medyo maayos yung pictures pero yung pagsulat basta lang. Japan ka pa ba, ang yaman mo na!


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