Monday, March 31, 2008

The Cambodian Tuktuk

The Thailand "tuktuk" is similarly called "tuktuk" in Cambodia, but of different design. In the Philippines we also have a different design and we call it "tricycle" because of the three wheels which includes the two of the motorcycle. The Cambodian "tuktuk" is a 2-wheeled carriage pulled by the motorcycle, total of 4 wheels. It normally carries 2 passengers, but there is also a seat in front of the 2 passengers, behind the driver. The normal seat has a cushion and a nice cover if the tuktuk is for tourists. However, the 2nd seat is not cushioned and it is customary for the tourist guide to sit in this harder seat.

Another version of this tuktuk in Cambodia serves like a small truck. It can carry many passengers together with their baggage like sacks of rice, banana bunches, agricultural supplies, etc. You will be amazed how a 125cc motorbike can pull such heavy load. The picture here will substantiate that. I even saw a longer carriage with more people and things in it, but was not successful in taking the picture.

(Marlowe tried to be the driver of the big tuktuk while the driver looks on)

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