Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Hello Singapore!

Singapore is very near Manila, Philippines. Going there timewise is just like going to Bangkok, Hongkong or Taiwan. Transits to other countries are either in Hongkong or Singapore, a very busy airport.  I am amazed that i've been to many countries but i have not been to Singapore! I am still curious why i have not been there. So last April-May with my sister and niece we spent a whole week there, with the last two days in Kuala Lumpur before coming back to Manila.

I know Singapore is beautiful, orderly and specifically more of a shopping city because friends go there for that. But i am wrong, it is truly lovely even without going to the shops. We just followed the normal tourist destinations, taking MRT most of the time, bus and taxi going to nearby areas. The mass transport system is convenient except for the long walks to change trains. And my not so young legs sometimes complain. I will just be showing some photos in my files, as this time i did not get much pictures like what i usually do in other places.

 The Chijmes Hall

A formerly Catholic Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus, a 19th century Neogothic Chapel is now a Heritage Site,  being used as a function hall for weddings and events.

 Inside the Chijmes Hall

 Flower Dome in Gardens by the Bay South Gardens 

We were lucky that a European Gardens Exhibit plus some other countries plants are on display  during our visit. My niece was so elated to see the tulips, which otherwise will only be seen in pictures. There was also an ongoing Dutch Food Show and exhibit, wo we tried most of the food. 

one of the garden exhibits at the Flower Dome

Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay

Stairways and elevators bring tourists to the different levels of this structure, until they reach the ultimate challenge: traversing the suspended semi-circular bridges that make you feel you are really on top of the trees. 

 My height freight did not allow me much enjoyment of the suspended bridges on the clouds. My niece has to hold my arms while i am slowly navigating  it to reach the end, where the down elevators are located. I have to focus my eyes above my eye level, refraining to look downwards at the sides. I tell you my heart beat faster than usual, at least blood pressure did not soar up too.

 The high elevation plants are acclimatized very well, growing luxuriously on those automatically maintained vertical gardens. I saw lots of our endemic plants growing well there, even our endemic orchids and epiphytes. I need more time for the plant details, but we must move faster to cover more grounds.

 I am too fascinated with these structures, magnifying glasses for the minute flowers to be appreciated better. I spent more time here that my companions had to call my attention to go forward.

The tree at the left is a very tall conifer, planted a few floors above ground. This portion is almost at the end of the walkway bridge, and i am not much scared anymore. I can now even take photos of my companions. Just a few more steps and the downward elevator is already there. 

And this is the view of the surreal gardens. The Garden's 18 Supertrees are all at Bay South. The tallest steel-framed concrete structure is 50 m tall while the shortest is 25 m. The OCBC aerial walkway is connected to the 2 super trees at 128 m long.

More pictures about these structures and the OCBC walkway will be for the next post.


  1. Gardens by the Bay is spectacular!

    1. Yes Linda, it truly is. I need to have a continuation next post. Have you been there?

  2. Singapore is one of those places that you could revisit over and over and still see something new every visit. What a dynamic city. I want to revisit again. BTW, glad to see you have a new post.

    1. Hi Maria, yes at least i found some time again to post. I did simultaneously with my other blog. If only i am like you, very good photographer and writer, and very good traveler. I am envious.


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