Monday, July 2, 2018

Try the Road Less Travelled: Continued

I have earlier posted here the first segment of the "Try the Road Less Travelled" posts. Then a second segment, Attempt for the Extreme, was posted in an online US magazine, Mother Earth Living. I still have lots of photos to share so here is another part of that week-long escapade.

In one of those days we returned to our cottage earlier in the evening. That seems to be not conforming to the normal days we have, which normally starts very early and ends very late. So we maximized the time by passing by a mangrove area very near the sea. We hurriedly walked through the bamboo foot bridges through the mangrove trees because we can see the sunset rays seeping through the trees seemingly very inviting. Literally we ran to catch the sunset. And here are some of the episodes.

 Top and below are some of the most naughty pictures from that sojourn. Our two men companions hurriedly posed for a crime drama! As three of us ladies were taking their photos, we simultaneously were laughing so hard for the scenes they portrayed. One was raising his hands in submission of guilt, while the other is attacking him with the bolo.

 This is not a very obvious scene, but one is supposedly doing the guillotine to his companion. That was a morbid scene, but we just cooperated in taking the naughty photos. We just fulfilled the drama without any conversations.

 Each one of us took chances in posing for our silhouettes among the branches, illuminated by the fast receding sunset. We were so quick because the sun cannot wait for us for better poses. That was I above joining the certificate of appearance poses.

 One of our male companions is a herpetology hobbyist, so we all chimed in that a big snake is trying to impress us! It even showed its toungue to us. Do you see our Sunset Snake?

 an idyllic sunset photo

 there was even the moon at the east, but is still dim because the sun is still bright

my small lens cannot give justice to the rising moon at the east


  1. It is nice to take some time out of a busy schedule to appreciate your surroundings. The cloud snake is very impressive!

    1. Hahaha, we were teasing one of our male companions who is into herpetology, looking for snakes. We told him snakes will come if he will not look for them. I was far from him, suddenly called him to come near me because i saw a snake! Then i pointed to that one! lols

    2. Ha ha! Brilliant. I hope he liked the joke!

    3. Nick there is a continuation: Time to go home and 4 of them left ahead to the jeep through the bamboo bridges inside the mangrove trees, already dark there. Two of us (ladies) were left with a big distance of maybe 20meters between those ahead and us. When they cannot see us anymore they gave a big loud AWOOOOO, and two of us each consecutively replied the same AWOOOOO! Suddenly all the dogs from some distant places chorused their voices, a lot of dogs simultaneously said AWOOOOO. Can you imagine the scene.... we can't stop laughing when we reached the jeep.

  2. George and I love to take pictures of what we call "Creative Trees"..... Usually we are in the mountains or woods ---and there will be one tree standing alone all by itself without a leaf on it.... I'm sure they are 'dead' trees --but they do make for some very creative pictures.

    Your pictures are GREAT.... Love the one with that person standing in the tree acting as if she/he is part of the branches!!!!! Creative for sure.


  3. Wonderful sunset photos. Certainly a sky to celebrate! (And my moon photos NEVER look good. Yours are lovely.)
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. Those are wonderful photos - the crime silhouettes and the sunset shots!

  5. These silhouette photos are so clever - reminds me of an 'artsy' short movie I saw last fall that was filmed entirely with hand-made paper silhouettes - took the film-maker three years to do it! And I do see the fiery snake!!! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. The lighting was perfect for your staged crime drama...very creative work. But I think I’d rather have the beautiful sky without the “criminals”, if you don’t mind )))

    1. hahaha, those actors just suddenly went there and staged the crime scene, the lady photographers just clicked and clicked.


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