Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Butterfly Chase Part III

I made this topic into 3 parts, delineating the area covered and the butterflies found in each area. Besides, every area has a lot of photos that will already be toxic to you, my blogger friends. In case you are here only now, the older posts are linked here too.

This third part is in the Nature Reserve of Subic. It is a mountainous area shared by 2 provinces of Bataan and Zambales. Subic has recently become well known attracting many tourists because of its development following the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, which is administered by the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA).  

Our Butterfly Chasing was at the trails going to El Kabayo Falls, Pamulaklakin Trail, Binictican Trail,  and nearby vicinity mainly following the river. We left our homes on Saturday morning reaching Subic at lunchtime, so we had half-day of a Saturday and another half day of Sunday for our butterfly chasing and photography. We spent the night in one of the houses at the Forest Views Residences. Our generous benefactor also provided a van for our group's use,  to-and-from the residence to the trails, as well as to the dining places in Olongapo City and SBMA. Aside from the dwelling, transport and food; he even joined us to the sites acting as our lookout-guard in case someone get lost in following a butterfly. We are so blessed! 

Of course my first priority is the waterfalls, but i will be posting the falls later in another post. This post is relegated to butterflies. Now i will enumerate everything we saw and documented.  I apologize as my collages look very disorganized. 

 Moths clockwise from top left: 1. Pingasa sp. (Geometridae; Geometrinae; Geometrini)  2. Cotachena pubescens (Crambidae; Spilomelinae) 3. Idea sp.  4. Pagyda salvalis (Carmbidae, Pyraustinae)   5. Cleora sp. 6. NOLID MOTH  Risoba sp. (Nolidae; Risobinae) 7. Cotachena pubescens (Crambidae; Spilomelinae)

Vindula dejone dejone Erichson 1834
Nymphalidae; Nymphalinae; Heliconiini

Appias aegis illana (3) C. & R. Felder 1862 Pieridae; Pierinae,  Catopsilia pomona pomona (1) Fabricius 1775, Appias lyncida lepidana (2) Fruhstorfer 1910,  Catopsilia pomona pomona (2) Fabricius 1775, and Appias lyncida lepidana (2) Fruhstorfer 1910.

Hasora schoenherr saida Hewitson, 1867
Hesperiidae; Coeliadinae

Zethera pimplea pimplea Erichson 1834
Nymphalidae; Satyrinae

Hypolycaena erylus timolus C. & R. Felder 1862
Lycaenidae; Lycaeninae; Theclini

Curetis tagalica tagalica C. & R. Felder 1862
Lycanidae; Curetinae

Arisbe doson nauta Tsukada and Nishiyama 1980
Papilionidae; Papilioninae; Leptocircini

Cupha arias arias C. & R. Felder 1867
Nymphalidae; Nymphalinae; Heliconiini

Left and right are COMMON MIME, Chilasa clytia palephates (Westwood 1845, Papilionidae; Papilioninae; Papilionini), center is EUPHRATES SWORDTAIL, Arisbe decolor neozebraica Page 1987 (Papilionidae; Papilioninae; Leptocircini)


  1. Lovely shots of the butterflies.

  2. great shots of butterflies.

  3. Beautiful and colourful butterflies. I like the pattern on their wings.

  4. More great shots of lovely butterflies!

  5. Hello, I would love to be there for this butterfly chase. You saw a pretty variety of butterflies. Lovely images. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  6. Wonderful images and the range of butterflies is really good.

  7. Thanks most sincerely for the lovely comment you left on ~ My little old world ~, I sincerely appreciate it !
    Your blog post is absolutely stunning, your butterflies are simply gorgeous, thank you for sharind, dear Andrea!

    Wishing you a lovely remainder of your week

    XOXO Daniela

  8. Such a wonderful and beautiful variety of butterflies and moths!

  9. wow, that´s a lot of beauties here. Some looks a bit like ours but most don´t. Loved to see them :)

  10. Wow, another great selection of butterflies. It sounds like you have had an amazing trip.

    1. Yes Nick as i posted them also in FB, it was almost a week of fun despite the 2 days in between that i was sick! It really is amazing when you're with same minds and purpose! Thanks

  11. Beautiful captures of your different species of butterflies. Some look very similar to those I see in my garden.

  12. Wow Andrea! What a series. I don't have anywhere near that number that I have photographed. Well worth the trip... sending hugs.. Michelle

  13. Wonderful pictures - I follow a group that studies moths in the UK - such great creatures.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  14. Wow---I've enjoyed all of the Butterfly posts... You have learned so much about all of the different ones....

    My favorite picture today is the one named RUSTIC... That black background is fantastic...

    We just got home from our Anniversary trip. I blogged about it today.


  15. Your butterfly chasing trip to Subic was really special with all the butterflies you photographed.
    Are these common just in the area?
    My friend Romana Pahilanga de los Reyes also has the same passion as you for butterflies. I am deliriously happy when I see one butterfly in our south side Chicago community garden.

  16. How wonderful to see all these fantastic butterflies! Such a great variety of colors and sizes--wow!

  17. so many beautiful butterflies. :)

    re your question: an old scarf I have wrapped around the plant, Just to make the image a bit more interesting :)


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