Friday, June 2, 2017

Butterfly Chase Part II

The previous post of this Butterfly Chase is posted HERE.

Part II location of our butterfly chasing and photography is in Bangkong Kahoy, Dolores, Quezon. It is about 2,158 masl or 7,080 fasl. Our group consists not only of butterfly hobbyists, but also birders, and native tree enthusiasts. The BK Valley is located in between two mountains, Mt Cristobal and Mt. Banahaw. Despite the intermittent drizzles, we also had long hours of walking and looking for moths and butterflies. Aside from seeing our intended targets, we enjoyed the fun, camaraderie and good laughter.

We left late in the afternoon back to the big city. Everyone had a fulfilled day and will have a good night sleep. Although one of our friends was still going a long way to the North, spend 6 hours of sleep in a bus and reach her home after midnight. The next days are spent reviewing our photos, posting them in FB group site, and appreciating everyone's documentation of what transpired that Saturday. We actually didn't only have lepidopterans, we had all the creatures we saw in that visit, including the lovely landscape.

 Mt. Cristobal

Mt. Banahaw slopes, main mountain is covered with clouds

Cyrestis maenalis maenalis Erichson 1834
Nymphalidae; Nymphalinae; Cyrestini 

 Menelaides polytes ledebouria Eschscholtz 1821
Papilionidae; Papilioninae; Papilionini

Menelaides helenus lyspaspes C. & R. Felder 1862
Papilionidae; Papilioninae; Papilionini

MMydosama ita ita C. & R. Felder 1863
Nymphalidae; Satyrinae

Nacaduba kurava kurava Moore 1858
Lycaenidae; Lycaeninae; Polyommatini

Eurema alitha Fruhstorfer 1910
Pieridae; Coliadinae

Vagrans sinha sinha Kollar 1844
Nymphalidae; Nymphalinae; Heliconiini

Nyctemera lustuosa
Erebidae; Arctiinae; Arctiini

Luxiaria sp. 
Geometridae; Ennominae; Eutoeini

Taractrocera luzonensis

also a disabled moth with wings not dried properly

Azota heliconia philippina (sorry its right wing is deformed, another disabled moth)


  1. Another set of fantastic picture of butterflies and moths. You really did see some lovely butterflies. The Vagrant is amazing, but my favourite, as always, is the Grass Yellow!! It looks like you had an amazing visit and it is so useful having the facebook group to help with identifications.

    1. Oh yes Nick the trips were really fantastic despite the heat and humidity making you all wet the whole day, haha! Actually the 3 admins of PhiLep invited me to join and it was a sudden close friendship.

  2. And the mountain pictures are so beautiful!

  3. oh how i love the mountains !!! even though it rained that afternoon we still had a great time :) Nidz the moth below the Vangrans sinha is a Nyctemera lustuosa
    (Erebidae; Arctiinae; Arctiini).

    1. hahaha the price for not asking first, relying on my own decisions. Thank you for correcting Linda.

  4. Great and beautiful shots.
    Schnetterline can be photographed very difficult!

    Great also the picture processing.
    I wish you a wonderful Pentecost
    Warm regards

  5. Hello Andrea, what a beautiful collection of butterflies. They are all lovely. Pretty scenic views too! Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  6. I hope someday I could have a little part of my yard designed to lure butterflies.

  7. These are gorgeous critters! And the scenery is beautiful, too!

  8. wow, some really find butterflies in your images. One I am familiar with is the Luxiaria sp, we have a similar one in Sweden.

  9. Wow---another great group of Butterfly shots... You did see so many beauties!!!!! AND--what a special trip for all.. I'd love it just to see the flowers, birds and butterflies... GREAT area!!!! Sorry about the weather --but it sounds like the trips were definitely worth it....

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. Wow! There are various kind of butterflies in your post.
    I like the first and second photos very much. Thanks for sharing.


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