Monday, March 6, 2017

A Respite from the Madding Crowd Below

We were out of town for a week for an official trip, to evaluate some research projects for Mindanao. It is the largest island in the Philippines and composed also of many geographical regions. The project leaders in 6 regions were there together with their assistants. A few of us from our office, the funding agency, left our houses as early as 5:00am last Monday, spent the whole day en route to the site. From their airport it took us 5 hours in circuitous and undulating roads to reach the place.

The station is at a mid-level elevation, with comparatively lower temperatures than us here in the lowlands. It was a very pleasant  environment on rolling planes with mountain ranges surrounding it. All of us feel like we are looking at the expanse of the hacienda of old, during the Spanish colonial period centuries ago. A cowboy complete with gears on a horse is very fitting in  its atmosphere. Moreover, the food and native delicacies are super yummy, that all of us ate more than what our bodies need.

And most of all, even with very little time left for us to wander, i got at least some few photos. I hope you will agree with me! Lastly, this is in the province of Bukidnon, with their airport called Laguindingan Airport.

The Guest House, our hostel for four days, where we also had some bonding moments. 

 To the East of the Guest House are expanse of farms bordered by a series of mountain ranges. Those mountains are usually cloud covered in early mornings and at dusk.

 Above is still at the east after the sunset. Cloudy skies did not let me take sunset shots.  

 If only we had more time, it would be nice to spend some hours on that nipa hut, with the cool fresh wind absent in the big city. There are also fresh water fish in the above pond. 

Mt Kitanglad at the West is still forested, nurturing a lot of biodiversity. The vegetation is contrary to the almost completely barren mountains at the east side. 

a lovely painting on water

another water painting

Can you see the two dating ducks, wading on water in a very isolated corner! If the waters are teeming with life, the trees are also filled with birds, and their tweets provide a very different type of music to the city dwellers like us. 

Impatiens balsamina scattered at the roadside growing as weeds, 
but very beautiful against a green background. 

 the salad reflects the beauty of the surroundings, these are also products from their farm

 another delicious salad, pomelo salad

And who will not appreciate a tree like above! For  days I had been waiting for the sunset against this tree, but clouds didn't allow me to. Nevertheless, it is still a lovely view. 


  1. Pretty sure you got work done, but with surroundings like that I bet it felt like a holiday too. Awesome job you have there that you get to see the Philippine countryside.

  2. Hello, lovely views of island. I love the mountains and the hut. Nice sighting of the ducks. I hope you enjoyed your visit. Wonderful post and photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and the new week!

  3. How beautiful your surroundings!

  4. It certainly is pretty and tranquil looking where you were!

  5. Looks to be a very peaceful place to be

  6. Beautiful and creative nature shots that are so serene ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a lovely week ~ ^_^

  7. Work is OK, but bonding time in a beautiful location is wonderful and it is beautiful Andrea! .. Michelle

  8. This looks like a beautiful area. I can just imagine walking round there looking for butterflies!!


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