Monday, February 20, 2017

Bonsai Parade

This post was inadvertently neglected for last year's line-up. The Bonsai Exhibit at the Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City, Philippines, was last April 28 to May 11, 2016. It was simultaneous with the Cactus and Succulents Garden Show. In a couple of months they will be having an exhibit again, so i need to post this now.

That time i actually accompanied a friend to a lecture on cacti and succulents.  Even the heat didn't deter me from shooting, and i also saw some real photographers and videographers perspiring a lot while doing their job. This bonsai exhibit showed plenty of plants than previous years. I am not so addicted to bonsai, but i confess i am now smitten. It looks like the most endearing and favorite collections are all brought here, in one place. They look so fragile that transporting from their gardens to the exhibit site is surely very difficult and the plants were stressed much. Oh how i pity the caretakers!

several long tables in white settings served as bonsai background

L: objectives of the society; R: a flowering bougainvillea bonsai

the ordinary Ixora becomes so elegant in this bonsai arrangement

a forest bonsai dish is my personal preference, if i will do mine it will be a forest

i am biased with this arrangement, the forest type

but i love to look at them all, this looks so very very old now

this looks like a ballerina doing pirouette

this ficus bonsai is luxuriantly leafing red

the foot of an old Singer Sewing Machine has found a new purpose in this elegant landscape corner

Those mushrooms are luxuriantly growing at the foot of a bonsai, makes them so elegant too. I guess i know the secret why the mushrooms grow there, i have a guess, as i frequently see this in the farm.

look at the mushrooms in relation to the bonsai size

There's a lot more styles in the exhibit, i just chose some to post here. Do you agree with me with their elegance. I know different folks have different choices. Now which are yours? 


  1. Wow, those are just amazing. It must be such a delicate balance between keeping the roots trimmed and not allowing the trees to dry out. Years of dedicated work must go into each one and imagine the heart ache if your tree died! I had a little larch tree in a pot for years, which sadly was the only thing our old dog Jimmy ever chewed when he was a puppy! My wife found another little larch tree struggling to grow on a footbridge, which she carefully dug up for me as a replacement. I still have it and it is only about four inches tall, however it has never thickened up to look like the trees you saw. It must be nearly 20 years old now. I suppose there must be a difference between growing a bonsai tree and having a pot-bound tree. I also have a little pine tree that has been in a small pot for at least 10 years. It is only about two feet tall. When we move to our new house in the Scottish Borders I think I will smash the pot and liberate it!

    1. Yes Nick i appreciate bonsai, but i don't want to have it with me, as it always tells me the tortures the tree experienced in its life. Earlier when still younger, i tried starting one hard wood from seed, had it for 5 years, been started trainig to bend the branches. Then one long dry season my mother forgot to water it for 2 days! It was dead on my arrival, haha!

      The bonsais are actually old branches or old ones that look so old, then propagated separately from the main tree and made to look even older with horticultural management. I know in theory but i don't want a plant to experience such tortures.

  2. I love bonsai. I wish I have that bonsai forest. I bet that would cost and arm and a leg.

  3. I've always liked bonsai -- something about the artistry really appeals to me -- that and the fact that even in our tiny houses we could find room for them on a table top. (Sadly, since we travel a lot, house plants are not a great idea for us.) But I really enjoyed looking at these wonderful examples of the art!

  4. These are awesome photos of lovely bonsai! I like the one above the ballerina the most :-)


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