Saturday, December 12, 2015

GBBD in New Zealand

 Previous posts for the last few months in this blogsite are devoted to photos, sceneries and experiences i had during my travel to New Zealand. It is almost about a year now because i was there during the Christmas season. I suppose the flowers in the wild are almost the same as last year. So i will be posting all those i found in their undomesticated setting.

The blooms in my own garden are posted in my other blog, which is devoted to all things in my area.

 Pohotukawa (Metrosideros excelsa) is a coastal evergreen tree endemic to New Zealand and is called NZ Christmas tree because it produces a lot of simultaneous red flowers during this period. It is amazing how they bloom at the same time all around the place.  The above photo is not from the wild, just posted to show the comparison. The photo below was taken earlier near the beach in Waiheke Island, so they are just starting to bloom. It is also very resistant to environmental conditions, trees below are already old and become bonsai-like because they are growing on the rocks.

 This is really in the wild, a very wide area growing lupines, we passed by during our trail hike or tramping in Arrowtown. They are growing so lush compared to those growing in other areas, even in South Island. There are those growing up to 5 ft and still growing! The colors are also very varied.

 These flowers i confess, i don't know, and i can't see anybody who knows it. Please tell me its ID if you happen to know. Thanks.

 This is blue salvia, i wonder if this is cultivated because they are just at the roadsides.

 Another lovely pink beauties, whose name i didn't know. 

 Many hills in the North Island are invaded by this lovely yellow-orange flowering bushes called brooms. They are invasive, but i found them very beautiful and smelling so nicely. The air near them is pervaded with very sweet scent when they are in bloom.

This is where we went trail hiking in Arrowtown, where we were enticed to continue walking more of the trail because of these growths. But under these bushes are feelings of tranquility and sweet smelling air because of the flowering brooms.

 We found this white flowering bushes on the way to Rotorua volcanoes. This is the manuka (Leptospermum scoparium), also called tea tree or jelly bush. The Maoris previously use the young leaves for tea. The very expensive manuka honey comes from the nectar of this flowers.

 New Zealand flax plants, Phormium tenax and Phormium colenso. Above photos are the green-leaved ones, there are those with variegated lovely pink or purple leaves. I took this photo at Waitomo on the way to the Glow Worms Cave.

 The weeds above are at the back of my sister's house. She was apologetic for not mowing it before i came, as she was too busy and the dandelions got to the blooming stage. I assured her it is very beautiful for me, and i had lovely subjects for photos. I can spend time here getting macro shots. Only the yellows are obvious, but there are also some species that are unnoticed discernably, but i also saw them when i got down and scrutinize.

 The above flowers are too small to be getting attention, but i really love it, among the much obvious dandelion flowers.

 This purple grass is common everywhere too. They are difficult to photograph because they easily sway with the wind. 

Dandelions at the back of my sister's house. Are there also people like me who found these weeds beautiful? They were my friends when i was left in the house the whole day, and i sincerely enjoyed them. They are wild but growing in not so wild environment. 


  1. It has been ages since I went to NZ... your pictures brought back some nice memories I had from that trip of mine... thank you...

    1. Hi Lrong Lim, you should visit Milford Sound. Thanks for dropping by, i can't see your new wordpress blog, just the old blogger in 2013.

  2. That pohotukawa, the ´Christmas tree´ of New Zealand so beautiful! I also remember quite large areas with flowering Lupins in the wild.... and then the broom, when we were in a shop in a village in New Zealand I told the lady of the shop I loved that yellow broom which was flowering everywhere, she answered± `O, you mean gorse, that´s awful`. These are kind of things you never forget. Enjoyed your photo series very much, thank you.

  3. Thank you for beautiful pictures of NZ plants

  4. I love dandelions too, and you can use it for tea and I think cook the leaves but I've never tried. The red daisy looks like a Gerbera but I don't know if that daisy is naturalized in NZ. I've been to NZ walking twice, it's a wonderful country to visit nature-wise. Love your photos, Andrea.

  5. How lovely to see some colours and flowers. Over here it's all dark almost 24/7 at this time of the year, and I really miss the colours!!! Beautiful pics.

  6. I see a few of these blooms around my neck of the woods, however, I am fascinated by the burning tree :) don't think we have that here. Happy Christmas.

  7. I've been here for nine years and I still find all the colors exciting and lovely! Your photos are great and I'm glad you enjoyed your time in NZ!

  8. Hello, beautiful collection of flowers. I like the dandelions, especially since I know that the bees love them too. Lovely images, have a happy week!

  9. I love you blooming plants! Your photo's look beautiful!

    Greetings, Sofie # 11

  10. I am always pleased when I take a look at flower themed posts. I cannot stop smiling after taking a look.

  11. Andrea this is such a lovely post I enjoyed it thoroughly!

  12. I love seeing all these flowers growing around Christmas....and that is the perfect tree for the holidays...NZ Christmas tree!


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