Monday, December 21, 2015

Final Hours in Queenstown

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This is also the Christmas week in NZ, but December is also their summer. So summer activities during Christmas is much fun!

This is also our last day in Queenstown, we had a free morning so we will try the Skyline. For the last two days my sister has been asking me to a accompany here. She knows i am afraid of heights, and even just looking at the height of that mountain scares me. She knows i always forego taking the ziplines with my travel friends because of that height phobia. I am also scared of boats because of the feeling that the sea is deep! I am trying to conquer all of these, but it is still lingering in my head.

So i said yes, i will go with the Skyline. I am just envisioning that the views up on the mountain is so wonderful that i  will risk my fear. So we went, no hesitancy anymore. Our bags are already with us because we will go direct to the airport after this skyline ride.

 We passed by this Kiwibird Park, which we didn't enter because we seem
to already know what is inside. A peep and a little watching
the displayed photos suffice for our curiosity.

View from the bottom of the mountain. Are there 3 paragliders? Oh no, the
gliders copy the shape of the moon at the far left

Instead of the Kiwibird park we went direct to this, the object of our coming here today.
These are the Skyline cables to and from the top of the mountain. The incline is steep,
although not very obvious in this photo. At the left top is a mount where bungee
jumping is also done, however nobody is engaged while we are there.

i content myself in watching and taking the paragliders' shots

hu-wa-waw! it looks lovely but i cannot try it...for the life of me, huh!!!

the oldest cable car piece was displayed for photo shots

once-in-a while i also allow a tourist shot for posterity

the views are super beautiful at the top

After a few minutes, we just got our bags and go direct to the airport. The views are still beautiful, i already missed the past days.

We had pasta and coffee at the airport restaurant, delicious, but it ia a bit nostalgic.

I stared long at this capuccino before stirring, i imagined the landscapes, the mountains, the snowcaps, flowers, trees and our tramping. It was one of the best travels i had.

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  1. What a beautiful time there and an exciting end as you climbed up the mountain...I do not like heights either so so paragliding for me. But I love how they were the same shape as the moon in the picture.

  2. How lovely the views are. I am so afraid of heights, but I wish I was not as I would see many more beautiful things if I wasn't afraid. Thank you for the comments about our baby grandson. We are so lucky as we didn't think it would be possible to be Grandparents... Michelle

  3. Hello, what a lovely end to your trip! The views are gorgeous. I like the shot of the moon with the paragliders. Great post. Enjoy your week ahead! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  4. Beautiful photos....Queenstown is one of my very favorite places!

  5. What a great trip! Stunning views!!

  6. That sounds like fun and I'm proud of you for going to the top! We plan to see Queenstown later in the summer so I will keep this cable ride in mind.

  7. So beautiful, I'm longing again to New Zealand. Good of you to go to the top, I'm afraid of heights too. My husband not he went for bungyjumping in Queenstown......I even did not want to look....

  8. I too loved Queenstown when I was last there. We have the good fortune to be going back in March and I really look forward to it. Will have to take the Cable car.


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