Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hirsute Beauty

I need to post today to link with the memes tomorrow. I am not prepared to continue my travel photos, but i know i have already been remiss with my postings. I still have a lot of photos from my travels lately, i know i have to sit down and assemble those photos in several travel posts.

Meanwhile, i have this for you this week. This is actually a rare cycas. I didn't know those colors are lovely  hairs when i was taking the shots. But looking at them in the bigger monitor held me in awe.

 This shot from the tip of the leaves look like there are several mirrors.

Even the longitudinal shot at the frond looks like a different material other than a frond of a cycas. I am glad i took some shots of this plant when i was waiting for the sunset during my visit to the Visayas State University, here in Southern Philippines.


  1. Really beautiful in color and texture!!! Well done! Have a grand day!

  2. Fascinating, and a nice shot!

  3. Stunning macro shots


  4. How unusual! I am glad you took some photos of that interesting plant.

  5. Those are truly amazing details of God's creation. Wow! BTW, we will wait as long as we have to for your photos, so don't worry that real life gets in the way of blogging :)

  6. Wonderful, the texture is cool. Great macro shot.

  7. this looks beautiful and gorgeous macros.

    You are welcome to NF Trees N Bushes anytime :)

  8. Wonderful macro detail Andrea... It does look hairy. Plants are amazing.... Michelle

  9. Oh Andrea these shots are fabulous!


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