Friday, June 6, 2014

Sunsets and Window Pets

You are already very familiar with my 5th Floor Window sunsets, something that gives meanings to my afternoons. You also very well know that no two sunsets are alike and they are just like our finger prints or at more modern parlance, they are just like our DNA, each one is unique!

From the clear dry season skies, they now start to be dramatic again, when the clouds start to move and rains begin to come. I love rainy days more than the hot dry season. That is not just because of the environment but also because of the quality they make of my sunsets.

The sun occupies a different foreground throughout the year, from the left to the right of my horizon. I love the earth for moving constantly to give me a different perspective of the sun.

I only have three main prominent structures at my horizon, but they can give me very wide variation of canvass. I can choose many frames on that expanse. Can you see the very small crescent moon on that blue space? I love my view, i assure you that!

My pet hippeastrum is just starting to bloom, as if it is whispering to the sun! Wait for me my love, and we will do the pleasures all. I already forgot the lines of the famous poem. 

And i can also superimpose my pets to be captured for posterity. My hippeastrum flowers are just saying goodbye, as if it is going with the day, to meet the night for rest. A good life is spent, loved and treasured. 


  1. Stunning sunset moment. Love also those dramatic flower shots.

  2. your sunsets are pretty unbeatable from that vantage point.

  3. Tremendous photos, Andrea... I especially love those first couple of shots... WOW--how beautiful is that.

  4. Gorgeous skies--right time, right place. Nice work. Mickie :)

  5. You are so lucky to have such beauty outside your window each evening.

  6. So lucky to have such views Andrea!

  7. A stunning sunset! Absolutely amazing!

  8. I can understand why you like your view so much. The sunsets you've captured are spectacular. I also like the way you've included your pets in the scene.

  9. Wonderful pictures and wonderful words :0) I love your view too.

  10. Great set of shots - I really like the first picture.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  11. Oh these are such special images...


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