Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Intermission - Ferns

Left: maidenhair fern (Adiantum pedatum)
Right: looks like a fern but not fern (just my trip to put here)

Asparagus fern (Asparagus plumosa)

Not a fern but relative of the asparagus vegetable

Bird's Nest Fern (Asplenium nidus)
Top view looks like a nest, but birds don't make nests there
Tree Fern (Cyathea spp.)


  1. I love the way fern fronds uncurl - those in your tree fern picture look like three small furry mammals huddled in conversation!

  2. Ferns are fantastic plants, they add so much character to any garden :)

  3. Ferns are beautiful. I love the many varieties you share today. Happy New Year, Andrea. May 2012 be a good one for you.

  4. I like to photograph ferns as well. You did a great job photographing the various kinds of ferns.

  5. Bet you do have some gorgeous ferns in your tropical area, Andrea. We see ferns when we hike back in the mountains--especially in damp, wet areas.

    I love ferns and once had a fern hanging basket.. It was pretty --but didn't last through the winter even though I took it inside...


  6. These are beautiful ferns -- even though some of them are not really ferns. I really like the Bird Nest Fern.


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