Friday, January 28, 2011

Morning Moon for Skywatch Friday

Hello everyone. I've been away since last Friday and haven't posted here for the whole time. In moments of fatigue like today, i will just be posting a skywatch photo, a moon in the morning as seen at the west sky.

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  1. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Andrea is back!!! Saw your beautiful photo in FB. You sure look half your age. :)

  2. O wow, back from Indonesia? Great skywatch photo today. I can never take any moon photos with my camera :(

    So nice to see your comment in my blog, hehehe!

  3. You got some great shots! Love to see the morning moon!!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. hahaha, thanks for your compliments. Actually i posted this from my shots of last full moon morning to tell my friends that i am back. I just haven't organized my photos of Borobudur yet for posting.

    One - you dont know my real age so how did you know the FB photo is half my age, maybe the look is my real age! haha.

    Autumn Belle - thanks for missing me here in blogspot. This is actually my first morning moon shot, which is easier than the night moon. I had difficulties with night shots too!

  5. Welcome back Andrea! Great morning moon shot!

  6. Beautiful pictures Andrea! Thanks.

  7. beautiful work the colors

  8. I hope things are OK with you Andrea.. it's been such a long time.. Michelle

  9. You've been posting some wonderful skies, Andrea! I'll be posting mine later... And thanks for your visit to my little corner of cyberspace - glad you like it. :-)


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