Monday, January 30, 2012

Foliage at the Garden Show

The Philippine Horticultural Society annual garden show and landscape exhibit runs from January 26 to February 5, 2012 at the Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City, Philippines. It is an annual event, which i try not to miss. Aside from the landscape design exhibit, there are also commercial booths selling all kinds of plants, both local and imported species. 

I have limited time so i just took photos without getting their varieties. I only know their general group, e.g. tillandsia but not the species or variety. I will be posting first some of the foliage plants. Next posts will be bonsai, tillandsia, agave. 

Pick your choice!

an aroid 




birds' nest fern


a tree (hardwood)



For the photos of the exhibit please visit The Plantchaser's post, i will not post the landscape designs because he has already posted them in his site. I am sure you will appreciate the plants better when already used in landscape designs.


  1. I have yet to attend a horticultural show in the Philippines. I must time it for my next trip!

  2. Hello Andrea, as you can imagine I don't know the names of these plants, but how fantastic they are. Picture perfect!

  3. i love the foliage, how decorative they are. they're easy to care for too, right?

  4. I love the one in the top right corner. I would like to get one for indoors. I think I have heard it called prayer plant??? not sure.

  5. Mark and Gaz - yes you should time your visit with the garden shows. The Philippine Orchid Society will have theirs this February, and another one maybe in August.

    Alistair - I am sorry i didn't get the real names of these plants, but i tried to put the general or their common names. Thanks for the appreciation.

    Photo Cache - I don't think all of them are easy to care for. But plants are easy to care for as long as you will give them what they want. The plants in photos have very varied requirements.

    Amy - yes at the top right is a Calathea, some people call it prayer plant because they stand upright at dusk.

  6. They are wonderful...especially I think the bird's nest fern!

  7. Thanks for sharing this beautiful foliage with us. I really enjoy your pictures.

  8. Andrea I absolutely adore the birds nest is gorgeous!

  9. I love you collage. it shows up how much variety there is with the colour and texture.

  10. Croton for mt today, please, Andrea - if i am allowed to pick a favourite! It's such a dull grey day here on the east coast of the UK, that the plant makes me feel warm and cheerful! Thank you for visiting my sunset scenes. The weather has become a lot cloudier since the w/e. The Show looked fascinating.

  11. The Croton is my fave...such fab colours!

  12. Andrea,
    You have so many wonderful kinds of tropical plants. That Croton and bird fern are gorgeous. I have NO LUCK growing any kind of croton...they just won't survive our dry weather. I love Alocasias and the one you present is beautiful. All my best. Kreesh:)

  13. Very interesting selection of flower photos!

  14. I find I'm more and more skipping over flowering plants in favour of interesting foliage to incorporate into my garden.


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