Saturday, December 17, 2011

Infamous and Famous Critters

How many critters in the first photo do you see, and how many kinds?

I was getting some wood from a pile and under the big timber saw a lot of these critters. They look gross, but because 2 kids are near me I just gave them some lecture. And I feel they changed their intention to kill them after my talk. These critters might be infamous and look different from each other, but they are only at different stages of development. Insects, like these beetles, undergo a lot of changes in their looks. That white curled grub at the center is the youngest among those shown. I can't see any egg here, maybe it is very small, or they all already hatched. Those greyish catterpillars called grubs are their voracious stages, which normally stay in decaying logs or in the soil. The browns and black are the adult stages. These are decomposers, helping our organic wastes go back to the smaller parts, for other decomposers like bacteria, fungi and others to further decompose to the basic elements that can be utilized again by plants. 

The curled one at bottom left is a millipede

Now these are the famous ones. They are just two of our kitties. Above is still young and below is her older brother. Of course, we all know that they are more playful when still young. Young sister above wants to play with the tail of her brother, she even hides and jump on him from afar. But the brother below doesn't like playing with her, he only wants to clean himself, and watch other creatures around him instead.

Look at him below with some of his acrobatic postures.

Camera Critters


  1. Those beetles are cool and gross at the same time. But I do love your kitties:)Adorable!

  2. Little brother looks like our dear departed Henry.
    Enjoy your holidays!

  3. Andrea,

    Those beetles look very close to our Bess Beetles here in the US. The only difference I see is color. Ours are a shiny jet black. The kitties are so cute. I say that even though our cats woke me up at 5am today.

  4. I prefer the kittens while realising that all creatures make up part of biodiversity on our planet.

  5. The kitties are so cute. The beetles, well, necessary I guess. Good image of the squirmy critters.

  6. Yes, I happen to miss bugs of all kinds (except ticks and mosquitoes hehe). Your kitties are adorable! Love their markings.

  7. Interesting collection of beetles. Love the cute kitties.

  8. Fascinating shot of the bugs, and I found the info on them very interesting, thanks. Loved the kittens, very cute.

  9. Wonderful insect shot of the stages!
    Love little kitty - so cute!
    Brother needs to show some love. :)

  10. Cool cats! And we certainly need those bugs to help our soil.

  11. I'm glad you taught the kids about the beetles.
    Your kitties are adorable :)

  12. I agree with Roherbot about the beetles and your kitties.

    You asked me whether my plants will stay green over the winter. I'm not sure which ones you meant, but I don't think they will. Most plants will die back, then resprout in the spring.

  13. Guard all-inclusive findings, distinctive research adored delivers neatly getting this item issue, called as and also additional most of these carefully.

  14. The things that hide in our yards. Your kittens are adorable, definitely much cuter to look at than the critters. Hahaha!

    I hope you enjoyed the Holidays given that only weekends were involved. Malacanang's schedule of 2012 looks much more promising. So here's to a better and bigger 2012! Happy New Year!


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