Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eye Candies for Friday

We can find eye candies everywhere! However, choosing 'eye candies' from flowers and plant files seem to be difficult for me. Maybe I am not inspired enough. I somehow want to post a theme with a little deviation from the 'normal theme', which might elicit some fun as One usually does! I wonder what she is up to this time, i know she is contemplating on something. Actually, i am excited, not on mine but on what she might come up with! One day i will also post something hilarious, as in "hilarious"... promise!

These are actually the blooms in our garden, in my mother's care,  neglect rather! You are very familiar with these anyway, so i just need your help in identifying the middle photo. Eye candy or not, others might find them beautiful in their being very ordinary. I followed the common names as i realized some forgot how they are called, just like me i now forgot the others.

Above and below: Heliconia rostrata

Seemania sylvatica (Gesneriad)

Ipomoea horsfalliae (thanks to Autumn Belle for ID)

 Above and below: Periwinkle (Vinca rosea or Catharanthus rosea)

Mussaenda species (one of the Philippines' Doña hybrids)

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This is linked to Tootsie Time


  1. Andrea dear, Those are some gorgeous Heliconia. I haven't been able to see so many at the same spot.

    I have posted something different from what I had prepared in case I drive every reader away with my nutty posts. Thanks for the link and sorry to disappoint you that it is not as nutty or catchy as you may have expected.

    Where is the cat?

  2. I think my computer screen just exploded with all that color. thank you for posting, gorgeous shots!

  3. Beautiful Reds and Pinks today! Ahhhhhh, the beauty...

  4. These are so lovely. You must sit out a lot to enjoy all the lovely flowers you have.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  5. I'm a big fan of the Lobster claw. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

    The flower in your third picture looks familiar. I also took a picture of it when I briefly visited Banawe Rice terraces. Unfortunately I don't know its name. Do you know what it's called?

    As for the 4th pic, I also don't know its name. Maybe its a new species, then you can name it after you...LOL

  6. Gorgeous Andrea--all of them... The 2nd and 3rd from the bottom look like Vinca to me. Not sure about some of the others... Thanks for sharing such beauty.

  7. My dear 'guro' hehehe!

    Eye Candy names (I think):
    Picture 4 is Ipomoea horsfalliae
    Picture 5 - Cantharanthus roseus, not rosea
    Last picture - Mussaenda erythrophylla

    It is a spectacular selection of flowers in strikingly bright colours.

  8. These are beautiful! I never get tired of flower photos.

  9. Such a delicious outburst of cheery, warm colour, Andrea. Just what my soul needed on this sunny but chilly day.

  10. I saw your post before and my comment must not have listed when I came by with GWGT. Lovely eye candy and so much punch of color.

  11. I love it all!!! what beautiful colors...Eye Candy....doesn't even begin to describe it! thanks for linking in and sharing with us today...I hope you will again soon!

  12. so pretty - I love the heliconia.

  13. One - the Heliconias at home even increased in number now, yes they are beatiful, even I admired them.

    ONG - hahaha, lucky you your computer did not burst. I hope this colors will not deter you from coming back.

    Skeeter - thanks for visiting, i hope you rest well with those lots of work you have in your garden.

    Sunray Gardening - actually i see these only during weekends when i go home as i stay in the city most of the time. TNX for dropping by.

    SR - i actully know all of them except that 4th one.

    Betsy - it's actually no. 4 only which i dont know the ID. Hope you can come here also to see our waterfalls.

    Autumn Belle - yes i am familiar with C. roseus it is a typo error, which normally happens to me, blame it on my fingers. ..and it's not Cantharanthus but Cataranthus, hahaha! Thanks.

  14. Excessive!!... Such beautiful colours you choose for candy.

  15. Wow - so truly amazing looking flowers in that collection.

  16. debduty and sweetbay - thanks for dropping by, i appreciate it.

    Jodi - i hope you are already in your spring, where colors sprout anywhere like the springtime for your book.

    Donna of GA and GWGT - i wonder how you can manage such lots of work! punch of color - i love this term. thanks.

    Tootsie and Wendy - i also appreciate your coming here. Thanks for the appreciation.

    Bangchik - yes the colors are so excessive, LOL. At least the effect in normal situation is not like that!

    Byddi - the blues and purples are not as plenty here as in your clime, but we normally have these loud colors, so plenty of them.

  17. Postscript for Autumn Belle - i did not put the Sci name Mussaenda erythrophylla as you suggested because it is not. It is one of the Philippine hybrids of Mussaenda, bred decades ago named after the wife of the Philippine presidents or lady presidents, and some SEA prominent ladies like Queen Sirikit of Thailand. We call these hybrids as "Doñas" e.g. Doña Eva for the wife of late President Macapagal. These hybrids are crosses between Mussaenda philippica (Philippines) and Mussaenda erythrophylla (West African). The problem with me is i can't identify the above photo which Doña it is! I need an authority on Philippine mussaendas to ID it, however i did not ask one, sorry about this! Thanks Autumn Belle.

  18. Another beautiful series of flowers. I love Heliconia rostrata.

  19. Hi Andrea - eye smacking colours in your flower flaunt. So much more exotic than here. Some great shots you've captured and if you want collages/monatages, you could download Picasa3.

  20. Hi Andrea... with these photos of flowers from home you almost make me miss Manila! I said almost, because I am really relishing the first real spring I've experienced in many years here in Bucharest. [Thanks so much for enjoying my photos... but explain to me, what do you mean by "per date of posting"... you mean every day? Hehe... I AM working here, you know... :-)]


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