Monday, February 14, 2011

Aroids and Ferns

Last weekend i visited the garden sale here at the Manila Seedling Bank in Quezon City, held on 24 Jan to 6 Feb, 2011. There are wholesale plant sale for ornamentals, fruit trees, endemic plants, imported plants, landscaping requirements, and whatever the nurseries have. There was an enclosed exhibit area for plants and landscape designs, where lectures are held everyday. I grouped my photos with similar characteristics, so i can show more of them in one post.

The Arum family or Aroids is a big group of plants composed of 107 genera and over 3700 species. It  includes our Dieffenbachia, Aglaonema, Caladium, Epipremnum, Philodenron, etc. Most of you might be familiar with these plants, so you will tell me that something in the collage is not included in the group. Yes, it's at the bottom right of the 2nd collage! Can you guess what plant that is? I just put it here as a filler because it was actually also included in the exhibit to give texture in one of the landscape designs. Aroids, like Colocasia and Alocasia are stem tubers, and tubers are related to roots. They are all enlarged underground parts. Are you still with me? The photo in question is a root tuber! Hence, I purposely relate it to aroids, but not botanically of course. Give up? ......It is a sweet potato vine or Ipomoea batatas! haha. I am so sorry for my logic. I am actually just trying to give justice for including sweet potato here, just because i love to include it.

Aroids and Ferns

I am also very fascinated by the very dark red color of that Caladium.

For the landscape designs i would like to link this post to Bom's post: specifically this one:


  1. Hi, very nice your plants.. how much, and they look are very good ;)

  2. Love this family of plants! That deep-red caladium jumped off the screen at me! Love it! What is its name?

  3. That's a beautiful sweet potato vine! I like the unusual colour as well. Thanks for including.

  4. Collages Andrea!!! I'm so glad that you finally figured out how to make them. I loved seeing the photos like this and you grouped them so well. My favourite has to be that amazing leaf colour of caladium wow that certainly is vibrant.

    I finally found something to blog about LOL we've been covered in so much snow that I just gave up trying to figure out what to write about until it melted.

  5. That dark red caladium is really an eye catcher. I would have bought it in an instant if I were there...LOL

    How I wish I could have attended the Horticulture exhibit. I'm sure there are a lot of interesting plants to drool on. Maybe next year?

  6. Andrea: Those are all beautiful foliage plants! Love, love that red caladium! Sweet potato leaves are my favorite ornamental plants in my garden. I have the chartreuse colored and dark purple ones.

  7. Dejemonos sorprender - I'm sorry i did not remember nor look at their prices, i was more concerned in taking their photos while there.

    FG - that red Caladium was really an eye catcher, it did that to me too!

    Kathleen - thank you.

    Stephanie - haha, that sweet potato is meant to be a joke too. By the way some yellow green sweet potato was planted in Borobudur's landscape as an accent and it's beautiful.

    Rosie - it looks like snow has been hampering your posting frequency these days. Never mind it as the snowdrops and crocus will not arrive without the snow! hahaha, and yes that Caladium is really beautiful. I love it too.

    SR - Feb 24 to Mar 6 will be the Orchids Show in QC City Hall grounds. You still have time to book a ticket, haha. Let's go there together and take photos!

    Ami - yes i remember about your sweet potatoes. We have lots of varieties also here, and there are ornamental varieties too.

  8. Andrea, Thanks for teaching me more about these plants. I confess to not knowing them well. I do love the leaves and of course ferns are delicate and lovely. I do know many personally. Fascinated by ferns. Thank you too for your many sweet comments on my blog. You always give me a smile. I wanted you to know that. Lovely collages! ;>)

  9. Hello Andrea, not so much your logic, I think you just like to tease.Your plants are lovely and of course, are house plants in this part of the world.Thanks for the visit to Aberdeen gardening, we do get pests and diseases, now, don,t scold! once per year I spray the roses very late at night to avoid the bees and butterflies. Once per year in Spring I put down a little slug pellets amongst the Hostas.Oh no, I've told you, what have I done.

  10. Hi Andrea, your collages are wonderful! My favourite, like everyone else's is the red caladium.

    We're having these exhibits around the same time but I have never seen really artistic displays (I remember seeing your posts on orchids some time back). Mostly plants are grouped together. They look good because the blooms are beautiful. But the aesthetics-- that's missing.

    BTW, i didn't buy the cineraria but came back with stock (saw it for the first time), dwarf poinsettia, double flowering kalanchoe, and a few more.

  11. They are so healthy and beautiful. Thanks for sharing these.

  12. Nice plants... Kakdah has pots of ferns.

  13. Hi Carol-my appreciations for Flower Hill Farm and your photos are authentic. And your commenting on my posts and picking some of them are really appreciated. If only i can have a ticket just to visit your farm, haha!

    Alistair - yeah maybe i like to tease a bit, no worries i wont tell anyone that you killed a moth and a nocturnal insect! Yes i know how difficult it is to raise healthy roses, and maybe my feeling that it is easier done in temperate countries is true. Thanks for visiting.

    Kanak - i've been to Ooty and they drive like oooohhhh! Do you know what i've bought from the plant fair? ...only a variegated pineapple coz it can withstand neglect! haha.

    Sandy - thank you for visiting.

    Bangchik - ferns are perennials of the tropics, and i'm sure many parts of our countries have them as weeds.

  14. Stunning plants Andrea, they all look fantastic.
    I'm also very envious of your trip to Indonesia - it looks a fascsinating place and the homestay is a brilliant idea!
    Nice to see you again :)

  15. Nutty Gnome - thanks for appreciating my Indonesia trip. It really is fantastic and the photos are just only a bit of the real experience, you have to be there to really know the difference. You should try it sometime. Indonesians are hospitable and accommodating too, as most Southeast Asians are!

  16. We have another annual state level flower, fruit and vegetable show coming up this wkend, excited about visiting that.

    PS: Ahah...Interesting Q-teaser/ tester. Thats for briefing us abt the different plants. My knowledge is fairly limited, but love appreciating the bountiful nature ard us. The Caladium sure is catchy!


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