Saturday, December 4, 2010

Spiders for Intermission

In our property in the province there are many spiders, but i don't really put much attention on them. I know they are part of the biodiversity and ecosystem and they have roles in the food chain and the environment. However, i don't come near the big ones as they really look scary. Besides, the web are so sticky that it is difficult to extricate at times you are not aware it stuck on you.

When my nephew was in grade school he went out with other kids to look for spider species which are used in spider games. They will put 2 opposing spiders on a horizontal stick, spiders will chase and fight until the stronger spider eats the weaker one. Eating involves sucking the prey until all the juices are extracted and the exoskeleton shrunk, until you will not anymore recognize that it was once a spider. The winner who sucked the looser will now bloat to a bigger size. They say it can expand double its size depending on the size of the prey. References say spiders can sometimes stay without food for a long time, but maybe that depends on the species. They are carnivorous and eat insects caught in their webs and also other spiders smaller than themselves.

The yellow ones are the most common and biggest spider i see around
 (Giant wood spider belonging to Nephila species). Look at the web, there are small
red spiders caught there, maybe they will be eaten later or maybe too small for the owner.

they normally build their webs high up on shrubs and trees, and the web
 is made of very sticky golden threads coming out of their bodies

 last summer we saw two colors, yellow and red, but they seem to have the same morphology. We put them on a horizontal stick and observed their actions, but nothing. They don't fight just dislike each other.

We brought them down to see if they will fight but constant prodding did not provoke them. At least one of them will always run away without fighting.

This is another spider which i saw on my Duranta erecta bush.
It is so small but on close -up is very beautiful (close-up below)

This one is a greenish spider which doesn't look as scary as the Giant wood spider. Its web
thread is also fine and not very sticky. The web is also very meticulously done, unlike
the previous spiders above.


  1. Wow, you captured the spiders and their webs quite well!

  2. Andrea,

    Cool spiders! The first one resembles our big one that I can't remember the name it is in the same family as you mentioned and spins a golden web. Also liked the web of the last spider, very well done. We have one here I can also recognize by the web, the Marbled Orbweaver.

  3. Fantastic pictures, Andrea! The spiders really are quite amazing looking and so are their webs. I don't like to have them around me much, but I like looking at their pictures. :)

  4. This photography is fantastic, Andrea! I wish I could take such pretty photos of webs. We have a different Nephila species (N. clavipes) in our gardens over here, but it makes a beautiful, strong, golden web as well. One of my favorites!

  5. Hi Andrea, Spiders make me chill... I do NOT like them. However, I love seeing their webs... SO creative....

    Great pictures though... You have alot of different varieties.

  6. These spiders don't like those I have seen before. Legs thin and long. Good shots on them at their cobwebs.

  7. Oh, Andrea, Those are beautiful yet freaky to me photos! I have spider phobia . . . they give me the creeps. I know it makes no sense and I realize how important they are. I think I must have been a butterfly in another life! I must have been caught in one of their sticky webs. The webs are very spectacular especially the last one. Interesting study you have made here. Great post!

  8. Waaw, wonderful captures! arereally amazing..

  9. You spiders are really beautiful. They are a real testament to the creativity of nature. Color and form are always so interesting. Not to mention their habitats. Webs are almost unparalleled in nature for strength and beauty.

  10. Love your spider photos, especially the webs. I used to be afraid of spiders until I has children and realized communicating this fear to them was not an option. Carolyn

  11. Andrea, Excellent shots of spider webs!!! I have a lots of difficulty capturing them. It's a whole lot easier to shoot spiders than spider webs. You use a SLR for these photos?

  12. I don't like spiders. Not even the tiniest bit. They creep me out to the max. But... I must admit I am intrigued by your post. You'd laugh if you saw me viewing your pics... quick glances, then I dare mayself to look further. LOL. I've never seen spiders like yours before. So glad they live in your gardens and not mine.

  13. Thank you everyone again for your kind appreciation here!

    Linda ~~ thank so much, coming from you it is inspiring!

    Randy ~~ I actually don't know any name of spider, just searched this for the post. I still have a few species but my photos are not as good as these.

    Daisy ~~ same here, that exactly is also my feelings for them.

    FG ~~ you know more of the spiders than I, i am just familiar with them but not their names. I also had difficulties with photos, so i tried hard to get these shots.

    Betsy ~~ i also don't get near them, as if they will get me in their world.

    Steph ~~ thanks, i have some more in my stock of photos.

  14. Carol ~~ many people really feel scary of spiders, you are not alone. When they move fast i actually get farther from it, hehe.

    Dejemonos sorprender ~~ thank you for your kind words.

    gardenwalkgardentalk ~~ you are trully right, they are very creative, imagine living in a net like that from their saliva, so they can catch their prey! Incredible.

    Carolyn ~~ haha, yes i did that also for my little sister before, i use to gently touch a larvae so she will not be afraid of them too, and it worked. My problem was that sometimes she puts them on her palm as presents for me when i go home. haha!

    One ~~ i had difficulty too catching the webs, but i did not stop trying. Yes i used Olympus E-620 DSLR. It is also difficult as the web swings with slight wind.

  15. I like photographing spiders too and these are great! The details of the beautifully captured. It's also interesting to see the patterns on the webs as well as on the spiders. Enjoyed going through this post, Andrea.

    Belated birthday wishes from me! have a great weekend!

  16. Sometimes it's best to run away from a fight. Great photos!

  17. Those are some awesome shots of spiders. You make them look beautiful; which I think they are but I worry about their bites-especially poisonous ones. Do you have poisonous ones there? Here we have two types, brown recluse and black widow. I've seen them both in the garden but steer clear and leave them be. So far so good on them not biting me!

  18. that was some interesting spiders. So colorful and beautiful. We don´t have any of hem around where I live. :)

  19. Andrea, you have managed to bring out the beauty of the spiders you selected as 'models' in your photos. So beautiful to watch. But I didn't know about the gory details of the spider game. Thanks for telling this story in detail.

    I really really enjoy your posts about nature, do give us more of these. It is so very interesting!

  20. The second picture is my favourite, with the spider in its homely spiral web. The circular rays of sunlight that look like frosty white crystal balls further completes the perfect picture. Well done!

  21. Kanak ~~ thank you very much for the birthday greetings. Yes spider webs, i realized, are very challenging to take, and when it's coupled with air movement, then you really will have a hard time. But yes i enjoyed it too. I actually took their photos just recently.

    NotsoAngryRedhead ~~ thanks for your visit, i am glad you focused on that unnoticed virtue in my post.

    Tina ~~ thanks for your kind words, i think even on their own they are beautiful too, hehe. You should know i had a difficult and long time before getting those shots, so my readers like you will not be disappointed. I dont think we have poisonous spiders here, i haven't heard someone bitten by any. But we have poisonous bees and scorpions.

    NatureFootstep ~~ this is your first visit here, thanks for dropping by and appreciating my spiders.

    Autumn Belle ~~ i am very glad when my closest friends and constant visitors appreciate what i post. One is correct, easier to shoot spiders than spider webs, but to balance the focus both on the two is difficult, couple it with the wind, and my patience is not helping me.

    Those beads in the web are actually raindrops because i suddenly went out to take chance on those raindrops on it. It is not very good but at least a bit okay than ordinary.hehe. I appreciate your saying that i was able to bring out the beauty in those spiders, like what Tina also said. I have a better feeling now with them too.

  22. Some of the spiders are really pretty haha. I like spiders, they kill some of those annoying pests, but I hate it when I run into a spiderweb and it sticks to my face.

  23. Andrea,

    Really enjoyed these critters.
    Have I mentioned how much I like the sound of "Andrea in this Lifetime" .... somehow it captures a lovely essence and energy.

  24. Before posting another one today i must thank the last few commenters here: Aaron and Alice

    Aaron~~that is usually the feeling of most of us, love watching them but the web is scary, somehow it evokes an eerie feeling.

    Alice~~ thanks a lot, it is an honor to be visited by someone like you. You are 2nd to mention about my blog title, yes maybe for some it elicits some mystery too, but energy is the nicest feeling for it. I haven't encountered any blog with the same emphasis!

  25. So interesting and wish I loved spiders as much as their artistic webs! But I do know/appreciate their contribution (and not surprised my friend, Kanak, would love this informative post, Andrea :)

  26. Wow! I'm amazed at the clarity of these beautiful creatures and especially their intricate webs! Excellent photography, Andrea! Thanks for sharing...I truly enjoy nature shots like these too!


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