Friday, October 8, 2010

Now let's change topic!

I've always been posting tropical flowers, choosing the almost unusual ones. I have also the propensity to post orchids because they are always favorites and fabulous! Everybody loves them. Then i also posted swarms of tropical butterflies, which might also excite some of you. Once-in-a while i post some landscapes from my travels, choosing some beautiful views and sights. Many times my blogger friends inspire me when i see them post beautiful subjects, reminding me that i have some photos of those also in my files. Then it is also nice to link my posts with them. We have done that often with Autumn Belle of My Nice Garden, and sometimes Stephanie of Steph's Green Space. Last time we linked insects with One .

Sometimes, i ran out of ideas which to post next. If i get bored with my usual postings, maybe the more my visitors will be. So, think and think, or i just stop blogging for a while. Also when there are very few visitors who commented on my post, i somehow get sad and i also stop posting, to get momentum again. Now, i am at my moments. Whether you comment or not, i will be posting my landscape photos! hahaha, but i am thankful if you will join me.

 Lakes Sebu & Seloton, South Cotabato Philippines.

 We travelled uphill to reach this place, and tilapia is raised in fish cages on this lake

This is Falls No. 1 in a series of seven falls, and the highest and tallest zipline in Asia is built along this expanse, to specifically view the beautiful dense vegetation and the magnificent falls.

This is Falls No. 2, which in strength profusely produce mist in the area.



The steep cliff at the right has been the result of constant water activity
Lake Seloton is almost half an hour by car from Lake Sebu,  which is also the name of the municipality
There are at least 3 small islands in the expanse of Lake Sebu
Only our motorized boat destroyed the homogeneity of the waters
Tranquil waters of Lake Sebu in early morning

For more information and better photos please visit Mr. Ferdz Decena's site.


  1. I absolutely love the pics. This to me is perfection. Waterfalls and ziplines in the forest......thanks for sharing.

  2. Andrea, You have keeping such lovely photos to yourself while you think and think! What are you thinking?! You have 23 comments on the butterfly post and 28 on the one that was linked to mine. Quit thinking and just post! :) We look forward to your sharing in this lifetime.

  3. Gorgeous pictures.
    Please keep them coming.I am who right now does not comment much,because of illness in the family.
    This will change and I can once again be back to normal.whatever that will be.

  4. I forgot to mention that I like the waterfall photo, the island with its reflection and the one that has tranquility destroyed due to your motorized boat. That uneven look is cool! Btw, I've decided to name the metallic green, black spotted bug, Cleopatra because I couldn't pronounce the word you gave me.

  5. What beautiful scenery! The waterfalls in those splendid settings are truly paradise. I like that photo of your boat's wake on the water too. I try not to worry about number of comments or if I'm boring people or not. Of course, I think you get more comments than I do anyway. I have a garden/nature blog, and I just post whatever inpsires me personally each day. It is something for me to go back and remember later in time, and if others read it too, so be it. No one is going to be quite as into my life as I am. I personally love reading your blog and seeing your gorgeous photos. It feels like I travel to another world.

  6. These scenic shots with reflections and water are simply stunning.

  7. Andrea, thanks for taking time to blog about what you have photographed/seen. Your interest has given me some insight about Philippines. And I must say you have amazing pictures to show every time.

    Hope the weather gets better for you and your plants. You have a great weekend/day!!!

  8. Andrea, I really enjoyed our private emails, facebooking and also commenting, linking, etc. So glad we moved on from being just empty hearted commenters. I understand how you must have felt. Personally, I am very encouraged by comments made on my posts and I am very sad and can't help feeling hurt especially when someone who's been commenting on mine suddenly stops doing so due to reasons unknown to me. But that feeling is just momentarily. I take it as a positive motivation to improve my blogging skills and EQ.

    Andrea, you scenery photos are really beautifully, perhaps you have taken the shots with your heart, not your eyes only. There is a nice feeling attached to the photos. I think you have mastered the skills of your new camera. This is really a fresh change from the usual flowers we see at garden blogs. Afterall, Andrea In This Lifetime is about you and you life, so blog on about anything, everything or nothing in particular! We just want to hear from you, like blog-chat, blog-hopping friendship, whatever you call it, hehehe!

  9. Andrea your world is beautiful! As we enter the autumn season where our green foliage disappears and is replaced by snow white I shall enjoy your peaceful beautiful world of green! Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  10. Beautiful scenes. The soaring through the skies looks like so much fun! Tarzan with a zipline :)

  11. I enjoyed your post ... beautiful place and photos! I love the one with the reflection.
    Butterfly photos are wonderful, too.

  12. Stunning photos, the large waterfall, exceptional! Your blog is delightful, Andrea, so joining your fan club :)

  13. Utterly breathtaking land and waterscapes Andrea! Is this near where you live? You most likely mentioned this... I forget. Beautiful Photos!!! ;>) PS... I use a Nikon D40x

  14. What a lovely refreshing moments having a good break in these waterfalls.
    Don't worry - these are the ups & downs of blogging. Eventually you will feel refreshed with good blogging friends who cares what you think and share.
    Happy Blogging and don't give up.

  15. I am very thankful for all of you who are so kind in visiting my posts.

    rohrerbot - you're wellcome, looks like you are fascinated with waterfalls and ziplines too!

    One - This really made me laugh out loud! LOL to the max, the reference to 'think and think'. Yes i quit thinking already just post whenever i felt like it, forget that not many read it, haha!

    Ruth - thanks for visiting, i am sorry for the "not so good visitor". I hope Jake is well now, my prayers go with your family. You also take care!

    One again - i've asked my entomologist friend for ID of your bettle, but he said he hasn't seen it yet. So sorry, it will remain with a borrowed name Cleopatra, hehe!

    Floridagirl - thanks for your advice. The past years for me was like that, i just post even if nobody seem to read them, but later on as i put more efforts in them, it is inspiring if some people can see, even positive or negative comments are useful and inspiring for me.

    Poetic Shutterbug- i know you are a very good photographer, so thank you for appreciating my amateur photos.

    Stephanie - i know you dont miss my posts, so thank you very much. I also try to show plants, flowers and scenes in the country which might at least show them our beautiful Philippines.

    Autumn Belle - my dear friend who taught me and is still teaching me a lot of things about blogging, thank you very much. You are my constant source of inspiration, and your comments here now are so heartfelt too. Yes you are correct, a lot of heart goes with my photos and my post, because i am a caring person, hahaha too! thank you very much.

  16. Naturegirl - you must come over here often because we dont have your snow, we are always colorful all year round.

    Gloria - yes soaring like Superman is fun, but to tell you secretly, i did not do it. We are 7 in the group and i am the only 1 left on the other end of the zipline, haha! That is a guarded secret i am revealing now!

    Amy - thanks for the visit. Reflections seem to be my favorite photo also, they told me my signature shot is like that!

    Joey - thanks for joining my fans! haha. I joined yours too, just added your link here.

    Carol - unfortunately we have to take 1.5 hours plane + 2 hrs car + other smaller vehicles to reach this place. It is quite hidden, but many tourists already know the area. That actually was my first to the site.

    James - yes, thanks James. I can see you are back to blogging again, as you took a while also before posting, hahaha! much regards to you and your garden!

  17. Another mind blowing post Andrea. Absolutely breathtaking and beautiful photos. Did you go on the zipline as well?

  18. wow Andrea those scenes are breathtaking. Did you have to paraglide as well as the folks in that photo?

    Now did you use a special apeture or shutterspeed to get those great waterfall pictures? Your photography skills are sooooooo good.

    Never let a low number of comments put you off Andrea. I have not been able to get the time to even blog or comment much since my youngest got out of hospital last week but I did see your post in my reader and I knew that I would eventually see it.

    I hope you and the family at home are keeping well.

  19. Lovely pics. Thanks for checking out my blog.

  20. Wow! Beautiful photos, Andrea. The waterfalls and lakes are lovely. That zip-line looks fun and exciting and a little scary! Thank you for visiting my blog. It's nice to meet you! :)

  21. Helen - you are very generous with your comments here. thank you. No i am afraid of heights so did not go on zipline.

    Rosie - i replied to your questions via a private message. Yes i hope i will be able to ignore the need for people to visit my posts, hehe.

    Nicole - Thanks for visiting my site, i hope you drop be here again.

    Daisy - am glad to meet you to. My fear of heights prevented me from going with them thru the zipline, i prefer to wait at the other end of the line. It was a long wait. thanks for visiting.

  22. Andrea, I just emailed you a picture..... I love this post... You may not know it but my hubby and I love to find new waterfalls.. We've seen over 425 different ones since about 2001....

    YOURS are fabulous... I would love to visit your country to see these fabulous waterfalls.... They are AWESOME...

    All of your pictures today are great... Thanks so much for sharing. That zipline is awesome also.

  23. Thank you, Andrea, for visiting my blog (swallowtail).

    Your photos are just incredible! Your waterfall is amazing. It's lovely to learn about another country that has these: we have quite a few in Wales.

  24. wow, this is so fantastic. It's just so foreign, so gorgeous, so incredible. I love the water, the lush landscape (and going down the zipline!), everything. Please keep posting these landscape photos from time to time.

  25. I'm glad to see you got some comments. I'll add mine. You sure went to a beautiful place! Your photos are awesome! I love waterfalls, but don't make a point to go see them.

  26. These are wonderful pictures. The waterfalls are magnificent, and you've captured their beauty very well. I'm not sure I would be willing to ride the zip line to see that first waterfall. Your pictures of the lake are simply gorgeous.


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