Thursday, September 30, 2010

Unusual colors even for us!

Hello everyone! I have always been unprepared in this blog business, so i often get inspirations from you my blogger friends. When the intention and moment for posting arrives, i just look at whatever i have in my files...and just upload and post instantaneously.

Today, as i opened Autumn Belle's, i was reminded that it is the Hot, Loud and Proud moment again. I need to be in a hurry as i am only using a few minutes in between my main preoccupation. Actually, we are not allowed to do this personal things during office time using office computers. But i am using my laptop, so i am just using time, for that, i am sorry!

Of course, Autumn Belle inspired me with her hibiscus post, as home for her romantic grasshoppers! So, i am posting hibiscus as well, this time with the NOT VERY COMMON COLORS. I hope with this you will be inspired too, for whatever purpose! Take care everyone. May you be fully blessed.

Common color

inverted pose

 variegated-dainty color and pose

 uncommon color

maybe common, but inverted unexposed pose!

Noel: i am joining this for the Hot, Loud and Proud Meme. For the rest of joiners please visit or HERE


  1. The yellow hibiscus is quite uncommon. It has tinges of other shades too. But I like your blue hibiscus the best.

  2. Hi Andrea, Love your hibiscus especially the less common ones. What are the butterflies doing? I've got something up my sleeves. Can I put a link to your post?

  3. The pink and white hibiscus look like a flamenco dancer's skirt :-)

    I love the blue hibiscus too. If you have seeds, I'll be the first to queue. Aha, serendipity in action again! Hibiscus and mating. I like your romancing blue butterflies.

  4. I must agree these are not common colours at all! Good shot of those two butterflies Andrea.

    Love that 'inverted pose' hibiscus ;-)

  5. I would LOVE that blue hibiscus in my gardens. Wouldn't mind those butterflies either.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  6. Andrea, I have linked my today's post to yours. Looks like the world is full of insect love.

  7. Love the gorgeous blue hibiscus. Can't wait to get my hands on them haha.

  8. aloha andrea,

    those are so beautiful, the blue is indeed a very unusual color, haven't seen that one yet here, they tend to be more lavender...thanks for sharing these

  9. Hahaha! Now i put some smiles on your faces. I always love to do that.

    Lotusleaf - those two are actually still just coming out, i've seen only one vendor yet!

    One - the butterflies are sipping nectar, though from each other! Of course your linking to mine is very welcome, linking insects, linking blogs, haha!

    Autumn Belle - this is not serendipity, you should read the texts and you will know why i posted these! more hahaha! Thanks for linking to it! I hope this time more of your readers will come here too. Is it obvious that i am riding on your popularity? Unfortunately, i am not a breeder, so i dont have seeds, but i know the breeder here!

    Stephanie - thank you, i had a difficult time posting my comments to yours!

    Flower Lady - everybody including me love the blue Hibiscus. It will be a riot when it gets into the market!

    Aaron - in a few months you will see them in KL.

  10. Hi Andrea. While I was in Hawaii the flower that I most loved to photograph was the hibiscus. The flower came in such a variety of color. I enjoyed looking at your variety of hibiscus on today's blog post.

  11. wow Andrea these are great shots plus the blossoms of the hibiscus are beautiful especially the blue one - its my favourite along with those cute butterflies - love is certainly around the air today in our little blog community. :)

  12. Wonderful hibiscus flowers, both common and uncommon! I loved the photo of the butterflies!

  13. Love those hibiscus! That blue specimen is stunning! I'm afraid that would come home with me if I ever saw it at a nursery.

  14. Andrea, I haven't seen you at the party yet. Kindly note that you have been invited to a Wedding Ceremony. Many couples are waiting for you to link them up.

  15. Great photos ... loved the Blue Hibiscus. I also loved how you showed the reverse side of those Hibiscus petals ... I've often taken photos of the same thing as it's such a pretty pattern.

  16. nice flower ph0t0s,thanks f0r dr0pping by at my blog and giving me the correct name of my flower. visit my skywatch friday

  17. Hi Noel - i can't believe it that you did not see the blue there yet, when the hybrids were mostly done in Hawaii.

    Rosie - yes, the insect social behavior has been contagious in our blogs, and we tend to link our blogs of this type too! e.g. My Nice Garden and Onenezz.

    Linda and Deborrah - thanks for appreciating both the hibiscus and the butterflies.

    Floridagirl - if only i am not residing in a building in the city i will definitely bring those hibiscus home!

    Bernie- thank you so much for the visit here, the blue is really stunning, have you seen my older post of the grey color? They are in a bouquet though!

    Cofivegi addict - we are both addicts of those, in fact i just finished a cup!

    One - haha, i already replied to your invitation via your site, and i love our exchanges and linkages with Autumn Belle. We will try to keep it up! haha! BTW, the snails are not doing what the insects do, they just happen to be in that position, or maybe you put them that way! Joke only.

  18. I'm late, but your stunning images and hibiscus varieties are worth to be praised. The blue one is my favorite.
    Thanks for your suggestions and corrections on my blog post.

  19. Oh my, that blue hibiscus is a show stopper! As for the butterflies, if only such exotic beauties would visit my garden!

  20. What gorgeous photos and I love the inverted pose. You have a great eye for photography. Crisp and clear shots with great composition.

  21. Birdy - you're welcome Birdy, you are never late, posts are always here, hehe!

    Gippslandgardener - thanks for your visit, yes maybe this species is not available in your part of the world (Ideopsis sp).

    Poetic Shutterbug - thank you very much, you are the first one to say my photo is crisp, and i love that word for it. I hope you will visit again.

  22. Andrea, how wonderful your hibiscus flowers! Such unusual colors. I hope that those butterflys make lots more :)

  23. The flower is just as pretty from the back as the front!

    I thought I just read your comment on another blog about being tired, kids in hospital and a move, and you're scaring me a bit - hope everything is ok...

  24. Hi Andrea! You hibiscuses are very beautiful, and the blue one is absolutely stunning! I have never seen such color in H.
    I also want to thank you for your kind comment on my Italy post. You are very generous in your words, and I appreciate it!

  25. Unusual colours indeed! i had to come and see for myself after reading your comment on my post! He is very much in the air!! Great shots...loved 'em all!

  26. I didn't know hibiscus came in so many colors--lovely!

  27. Love the greyish blue colored hibiscus, and the other ones too of course. How can you not love hibiscus?
    So funny with the butterfly comment at the end. I really like butterflies, they add such great movement to a garden.

    Have a great one!


  28. Gloria - thank you for visiting, yes we have lots of those butterflies roaming especially after the first few rains after the dry months.

    Wendy - Thanks Wendy for remembering our kids in hospital and more. We are fine now, so can blog and comment again.

    Tatyana - i really envy your style of communication both in words and photos, wish i can do that too!

    Kanak - yes love is in the air these days, that's why i prodded you to see our posts, hehe!

    Rose - yes rose, a lot of hibiscus colors are available, countless really, those are just the icing!

    Annelie - hibiscus is always awesome, in whatever color they project beauty! thanks for your visit. Hoping you come back here soon!


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