Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ornamental Banana for Wordless Wednesday

Musa ornata
aka ornamental banana

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  1. These are definitely unique flowers.Thanks for sharing them.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. I saw this ornamental banana plant at Floria 2009 in Putrajaya. The bloom is very beautiful, in pink which is so different from our usual maroon or dark red colour. Can you eat the fruits? I bet they are quite small indeed.

  3. I didn’t know there was an ornamental banana, they are very striking.

  4. This is my first time to see this plant. The leaf itself looks same as the normal Banana tree, but the flower is stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  5. The ornamental banana is very beautiful!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, even if it was by accident! I appreciate your comment. I will see what I can do to make my posts load more quickly. You asked about the pictures. They are a collage I put together in photoshop on the computer. Then I download them as one image to the blog site.

    I look forward to learning more about gardening in the Philippines. Come and visit Deb's Garden again!

  6. These are really cute and a tree that could me shorter than I do ha ha... I can see their flowers really well :-D

  7. It's lovely I forgive it for not making fruit :)

  8. Ruth - thanks for the visit.

    Autumn Belle - fruits cannot be eaten and have some seeds, they said it is easily pollinated causing many hybrids to develop. A lot of variations exist, there are even those with colored fruits.

    Chaising Purple Dreams - yes there are, and there's a lot of ornamental bananas!

    Ami - it really is striking, actually i like them too. If only i can see those with colored fruits, i will try to plant them in our property in the province.

    Deborah - yes of course i will visit again, i just thought Debs and Deborah are the same, hehe. Now i know i have 2s of some names. e.g. Debs (Deborah) vs Deborah, Noelle and Noel, Andrei and Andrea, Rose and Rosie, Amy and Ami. Isnt it amazing!

    Steph - i dont think they are shorter than you, i think maybe we are of the same height, hehe! I actually stepped on something to take the horizontal photo, did i trick you?

    Sukmandir Kaur - thanks for your visit.

  9. I think its types have the flower upright rather than the usual ones which hangs downwards?
    Regardless, its lovely.

  10. That's a beautiful banana tree and the bloom is lovely, Andrea. You've captured it so perfectly.

    I only have a couple of 'false' banana trees for the (red) foliage color and large size they provide the garden. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

  11. The ornamental banana has beautiful flowers. People here mainly grow banana trees for foliage effect -- not sure if it's the same species as the one you showed here, as I haven't seen flowers like that before. Wonderful shade of pink.

  12. Hello Andrea - it's lovely to see a lovely tropical flower - banana plants remind me of Queensland, where it is a lot warmer throughout the year than in my part of Australia!

  13. What a great day for pictures! Happy Wordless Wednesday!

    I hope mine makes you giggle! If you love it, please leave a comment and link up (or not) and I hope your day is as great as I hope mine will be! :)

  14. I've never seen this before ... so pretty!

  15. aloha andrea,

    beautiful post, i also loved reading your photo 101 course...what a great way to be immersed in an area and learn more photo techniques

    btw, my hot, loud, proud meme is this friday, i hope you can participate in my plant fanatic blog.

  16. What an interesting plant. I love the flower. I had no idea there was an ornamental banana.

  17. James - that might be true as i haven't seen a lot for comparison, however as shown in my last photo your observation might not be correct also.

    Meems - thanks also i hope you will visit again. I would like to point out, hope you dont mind that bananas are not called trees, they are just "banana plants" and the stem are pseudo stem called "trunks", they are modified leaf sheaths.

    Sweet bay - thanks for dropping by, i hope you wont mind also, but pls read my above reply to Meems re:banana plants. And yes, ornamental bananas are mostly known for leaves maybe because they cant wait for the flowers, hehe.

  18. gippslandgardener,
    Julie - wishing you a happy weekend of blogging, thank you for your visit.

    jayayceeblog - I normally post plants and flowers i thought maybe the world of bloggers might not have seen often, especially those that are uncommon even in the tropics. You can see that from my older posts! thanks for your visit.

    Noel - thanks also for the appreciation. I told you every place in Hawaiis is beautiful, but a lot in our country is beautiful too! Thanks for the invitation to post this Friday.

    Catherine - yes, you will see a lot in my blog which are different, sometimes unique, and sometimes unusual, mostly beautiful thank you.

  19. It's just so pretty! Love those pink blooms too.

  20. Beautiful flowers. :)

    I'm a bit late, but here is my entry -

    Mariposa's WW

  21. It's a lovely flower - very beautiful and special.

  22. WOW! That's a beauty! I want one. Happy WW.

  23. I have this plant in my garden. Your picture is really lovely:)

  24. Wendy, Mariposa, Katarina - thank you for the visits and appreciation

    Kate - i can give you a sucker if you will come over, haha

    Keats - Oh so you have this! May i know how low before it flowers? thanks for your visit.

  25. wow! loved the ornamental banana's
    They look so beautiful.

  26. Whoa nice Musa ornata lovely. tQ

  27. very interesting..can't see this one in europe.nice images you got here!
    Nature's Beauty

  28. some people in europe, have not seen banana plant yet..this is a good post!


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