Friday, April 30, 2010

Beautiful find in Banaue mountains

Have you observed that plants produce flowers and fruits if threatened to die?

Somehow plants have the tendency to be like that. Maybe that is nature's defense to propagate the species. Try to observe some dying trees, either diseased or blown by winds or bark bruised severely. They will try to flower and fruit profusely to save its line. That's why "survival of the fittest" is suited to them perfectly.

In our recent backpack trekking photography sessions to the boondocks, i found flowers without leaves at all. The plant is anchored to a dried trunk of tree fern for support, intentionally placed there by the owner. It has wonderful flowers, which i've seen for the first time. Even if Dendrobium orchids are very common in the Philippines, i haven't seen this species. Dendrobiums flower all year round even if the plants seem like dying, but of course they would be more prolific if cared for. Maybe this variety or species thrive only in lower temperatures, so found only in the highlands of the Cordilleras. But to tell you the truth, i have not consulted any orchid books of the Philippines yet, because i want to be in time with Noel's site, The Hot, Loud theme. And because this orchid badly needs nutrients to grow some leaves, it needs fertilization. So i will aptly join this to Tootsie's Fertilizer Friday. And because i don't have much time to post these days, i also just linked it to Today's Flowers.

I did not intend to get a sample plant because it might die in the lowlands. I will research about it first or ask some authorities before intending to have one. Does any one of you know this, please help me identify it. Thank you.

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  1. Sorry, I can not help. But it is a very beautiful flower! Isn't it amazing that plants can be that strong to be able to survive the environment? Thanks for sharing!

  2. It is a beautiful orchid ... I can't help with it varietal name though, sorry! I'm not much of an expert on orchids.

    Thanks so much for dropping by my Dry Tropic Garden blog. It does seem like we have a similar environment ... we have a long dry season that lasts for around 9 months of the year here, so watering the garden is one of the constant challenges I have.

    I've learnt lots of water saving ways to help my plants flourish ... mostly I don't grow things that require too much water. Lots of my plants are very drought hardy.

    I'm sure you do the same over there. I will have to come back and make a longer visit to your blog now that I've found it.

  3. It is truly beautiful to this pendant flowers drooping in a dry stalk.
    Amazing find. I guess you are they are the right time to capture this rare moment.

  4. Well, the flower gets everything ha ha... :-D What a beauty and does look like orchid. Thanks for sharing this unique finding. I hope the authorities will give you some good information. Have a great day!

  5. aloha andrea,

    what a very interesting post, i agree that plants that are stressed or threatened have a characteristic to flower and propogate. not familiar with this species of dendrobium since there are so many varieties, it will be a fun challenge and this is a beautiful pendant type...very pretty

    thank you again for participating, that was fun!

  6. Hi Andrea, nice to meet you and thank you for your visit. The orchid is lovely but I have no idea of its name. I grow some of the ordinary Dendrobiums which I love, are easy to grow and very pretty.
    It is interesting to grow new plants but you are right to first investigate what sort of condition the plant likes. I have noticed too when plants are stressed they mature quickly sometimes in a much smaller version then normally like per example sunflowers, which only produce a few seeds.

  7. Hi, Andrea. That's an interesting observation. I'll watch to see if I can find examples of dying plants producing flowers.

    Those are amazing flowers--couldn't guess what they are. I am clueless about orchids--especially rare ones.

    I love the way you are opening my eyes, BTW, to the beauty and diversity of the Philippines.

  8. It's very interesting on the fertilizer requirement for this lovely specimen. It is so exotic looking but I can't help to identify it. Sorry.

  9. Pretty orchid. Love your ornamental banana from your previous post too. Great photography!

  10. wow..super gorgeous..beautiful shots Andrea!! NIce post!

  11. What a wonderful discovery! It looks 'wild' but beautiful. Yes, I heard about plants blooming when survival is threatened too. Sometimes we use this on the bougainvillea by cutting down on the watering to stimulate blooming.

  12. Hi Andrea

    You are right even with fruit trees here I have been told that a huge crop one year might mean that it is going to die.

    Sometimes I tell people to let their orchids think they are dying so that they might produce a new stem. It works with the phalenopsis ones here where I reduce the temperature and no feed and hardly any water for about 8 weeks but dendrobiums I find are so much harder to bring back into bloom so I don't buy them.

    That dendrobium of yours Andrea is a wee beauty in its natural habitat.

  13. Oh, my dear, how wonderful to see an orchid specimen like that growing in native habitat!!! Amazing!

  14. Very unusual information and pictures. Never had the chance to observe such phenomenon.

  15. What a beautiful discovery! You are so fortunate to see such rare treasures.

    I don't know why you can't open pics on my blog. Do you mean that you can't view them at all? If you referred to the photos on a purple background, those are collages of pics and will not open to anything more than the collage which is less than 1200 pixels, so it doesn't get much larger. Individual pics are not linked.

  16. Beautiful photo of a lovely flower Andrea

  17. Hi Andrea,

    Beautiful flowers!! Lovely choice for the meme.

  18. I do not know what it is but I do know that it is incredibly beautiful.....

  19. Hi Andrea, I LOVE dendrobiums. Used to have a few in Florida, where they grew happily hanging from trees

    Thanks for your comments. I've been in the mountains away from the web and am just catching up.

  20. hello Andrea, to me this flower looks so rare and exotic it is almost to hard to belive that it is growing in it's natural surroundings!

  21. Ami - Yes plants are maybe even stronger than us in terms of coping with harsh environments.

    Bernie - thanks for coming here, yes our conditions are almost the same, although it is maybe more humid here than in Queensland.

    James, Steph, NOel - thanks so much. Yes i found it beautiful too, and Noel i am glad i was able to join your invittion to join your meme.

    Titania - yes Dendrobium are easy to grow, just like this one which just was attached by the owner to a tree fern and just left there on its own, and it flowered still.

    Deborah - it is one of my wishes that unique plants constituting our country's diversity be known to the world. thanks for your appreciation.

  22. Tina, Darla, Beth, Kiki and Autumn Belle - thanks for your kind comments. Yes many plants can cope with harsh treatments beautifully to us, but we dont know if they like it.

    Rosie - Dendros are easier grown here than Phals because our temperature and humidity suits them well, while yours fits mostly the Phals.

    Floridagirl, Birdy, Alea, Phil, Evergreen Tree, Cheryl - it's inspiring to be read and appreciated here, please come again later.

    Neal Jean - most of the photos just showed X on my screen, even if i clicked 'show picture', still they dont open. I am sorry i actually don't know too. I waited a long time, anyway i will try again. thank you for your visit here.

    Kathleen - yes i am sure the Dendros love your conditions better than here, because it really is difficult here now.

    Gippslandgardener - actually it is not growing in the natural habitat as it is already growing in someone's front yard, although i saw it in the high elevation but even if it is in the mountains there are city and people living there. thank you for your visit and lovely words.

  23. What a beautiful flower! Yes, I have seen plants put forth flowers and show other signs of vigor, just when I've decided to give up and get rid of it!

    You have a beautiful blog. I have enjoyed reading this and your last few posts. Thanks for visiting my own blog, and I look forward to your future posts.

  24. Lovely orchid but am sorry, I do not know the name.

  25. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my "Bloomin' Tuesday" post. This orchid is lovely. Its shape is exquisite. By the way I checked out Noel's site briefly. I'm going to spend a bit more time there because I think he lives on the island of Hawaii, and I will be vacationing there soon. I would like to see some of what I might see when we arrive :-)

  26. I enjoyed this post very much Andrea, so very interesting and a beautiful find. Your orchid photograph is fantastic and I would like to thank you for sharing it with Today's Flowers. One of the reasons I like being part of this meme is that it introduces me to things I have never seen before.

  27. Deborah, Keats, Linda and Denise -
    Thank you very much for your visit, i hope you will keep posted of my future posts. I am very delighted also if someone appreciates what i did.

  28. cool. If i just saw the stem, I would think that guy was dead! The flowers are just beautiful though. Bet it was a great hike.

  29. cool discovery! I never seen this flower before. And great shot too :)

  30. what a lovely flower..thanks for visiting one of my sites..actually NPA ko sa before in Mambaling, Cebu, Mandaue, Talisay..but my Mother is from the south of Cebu..

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  31. Hi, what a beautiful discovery and what a special orchid! I believe it's native to Luzon in the Philippines and it's dendrobium amethystoglossum - in nature it grows in mossy limestone cliffs and have distinct watering rest period in winter and early spring. Any native orchids that grow on rocks or cliffs will have this growing pattern.

    Hope this helps you with identification and thank you very much for visiting my orchids blog


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