Friday, March 9, 2018

Sunset Sky Mean Something

Our temperatures from the middle of February this year just soared as if it is already the end of April. For the past years those conditions made us impatiently wait for the coming heavy rains because we cannot seem to tolerate anymore the HEAT we were experiencing. It was a total surprise for us that we already experience it in mid-February! Can you imagine a Heat Index of 39°C! And in the province in the north which had it at 42°C there are a few individuals who suffered strokes and high blood pressures. Climate change is very real, and the effects are so quick with us.

But the truth is we are not yet officially in the Dry Season, as it is forecasted that there will still be easterlies coming to us. Easterlies bring us here the slightly "colder" temperatures, or someone from the "real"cold country want me to call it "slightly less hot temperatures". Of course, our temperatures no matter which you pick from the range is always hot for those living away from the equator. Our coldest in our temperature range is still higher than their summer. Being here all my life, i don't know how to live there.  But now, i tell you it is really hot as in HOT!

At least i get lovely sunsets!

the widest angle i can get didn't have any cloud except those near the sun at the lowest horizon , (10mm lens)

 From the previous series of photos as the sun sets, you will see the vast cloudless sky, only a little clouds near the horizon. It was a great expanse of clear blue as seen by naked eyes. Although i don't have the capacity to capture it well by camera.

 the next day it was this

 again another day after that, still with very vast clear sky

somehow a few strips of clouds appeared the other day

Skywatch Friday


  1. Lovely pictures, but it is alarming how the weather has changed in recent years. Although I understand the difficulties this causes you, I also worry for the plants and wildlife. I hope they are able to adapt and survive.
    I also love how you talk about cold easterlies. Maybe you should call them "less hot"!

    1. Ok thanks for that Nick. My terms are all based from our standards, so because my audience are not just "us" then i agree with you. Maybe i will go back there and improve my post's terms so others can relate.

  2. Your photos of the sunset skies are fantastic!

  3. Great shots, thanks for sharing :)

  4. You really do have a front-row view of the sunset from your place. What a blessing.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  5. With a little imagination, it almost looks like the mushroom cloud of an atomic explosion... Lovely shot!

  6. Yes, that sun looks HOT! My favorite shot is the one I think Stan is describing as a mushroom cloud - it made me think of a sunburst of blessing over that building .... Brilliant!

  7. Beautiful sky shots, and I love the variety!

  8. Nice colours and clouds. I'm sure you would like the crows if you got to know them!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  9. Yes, Andrea, climate change is certainly becoming a very apparent reality these days. But what a wonderful sequence of photos. Isn't it strange how we have had our coldest temps. for years (minus 11 degrees centigrade once we factored in the wind chill) while you have been experiencing such heat? Today we are back to more 'normal' March temperatures with dull grey skies and rain not far away. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. How long before I see my first ladybird of the new season?


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