Monday, October 23, 2017

A Visit to Calaguas Islands Part II

Continuation of the visit to Calaguas Islands: Calaguas post Part I. For a more concise photos of this trip please visit the link above.

I promised in the first part that i will be posting the continuation of this visit to Calaguas Islands. So please join me in the fun.

 panoramic phone shot of the Calaguas Cove

other islands among the Calaguas group of islands

typical boats plying these waters on a 2.5 hr-ride to Calaguas

a tall mountain still intact of its primary forest, a solid resource for this region

some of the native huts at the end of the beach, also caters to tourists

 a lodging place in Calaguas, owned by the present Brgy. Captain, an active accomodating lady

 Another view of the lodging place where we stayed for a night. The lady Brgy Captain said she used her retirement money in building this place.


  1. I love your first photos of the beautiful sunsets Andrea. You must have had there a wonderful time. That lodging place you stayed looks fantastic!

  2. Lovely pictures from your island visit. The lodging where you stayed was beautiful.

  3. Wow---just awesome... What a magical and fantastic place... I'd love to visit there. I especially love your sky pictures and panorama... WOW... Thanks for sharing the beauty.


  4. Hello, what a gorgeous place. I love the first view of the cove and then the boat and beautiful sky. The lodging places look cute, I would like to stay there. Great series of photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  5. What an amazing place. I could just do with going somewhere like that for some warm weather, sunshine, beaches and butterflies!!

  6. The 2nd and 3rd images are stunning! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Andrea this looks like a tropical paradise! The stunning sunsets were breathtaking!

  8. What a beautiful place, it looks so tropical and warm.

  9. WOW! What an amazing shots! No words to express the beauty of the place. The islands looks so beautiful between the blue rivers. They look very green all the side...

  10. P.S. Please look this blog, I looked them directly.

    1. Oh yes i saw one hoya species in that list of flowers, maybe H carnosa. In the commons sources or countries where hoyas are found, i did not see Japan in there. They are mostly SEA, PNG, Australia, or more tropical rainforests. I hope there are more species found there.

  11. Thanks for coming to my photo blog. I really enjoyed perusing your beautiful pictures here.

  12. You live in a beautiful area and fortunate to be able to visit on business or vacation... Michelle

  13. These isles are gorgeous - I especially enjoyed the sunset/sunrise shots and the beach with the villas - so idyllic!


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