Friday, November 4, 2016

Baguio City Lepidopterans Too

Lepidopterans are moths and butterflies, didn't separate the two to distribute the colors. I opted not to post all the butterfly species i found in Baguio City in my first post as it gets too long.

I am used to butterflies in our garden too difficult to photograph because they are always fluttering. Here in the highlands with the subtropical temperatures they seem to be too kind to the camera. I can even take more shots and more angles with them still there, not flying away. It is relatively easier to take photos there compared to our hot lowlands. The reason is because it is more difficult to fly when the air is laden with high humidity, more so when it is cold. So my friend and i had a great time looking for them, shoot and delighted.

The following are more moths than  butterflies. In our place moths are mostly nocturnal, but here, there are plenty of daytime moths. 

Xanthoneura telesinus Mabille 1878
Hesperiidae; Hesperiinae

Unidentified Gelechioid

Timandra sp. nr. punctinervis
(Geometridae; Sterrhinae; Timandrini)

Nyctemera luzonensis EREBIDAE 

I am so fascinated by this photo, as the skipper alighted on a very lovely leaf with all those trichomes and the fantastic color! And look at the very long proboscis! I wonder why it is not coiled when there is no nectar to sip here!

Above and 2 bottom photos: This looper is also fascinating, because of its color and design. It will become a moth, however i still don't know which.

Some of the larvae converge on this host plant, which i also am not familiar with. It is a sub-tropical plant so i am not familiar.

Mycalesis aramis

Above and Below: RED HELEN

Menelaides helenus hystaspes C.& R. Felder 1862

Papilionidae; Papilioninae; Papilionini


  1. Fabulous photos of these beautiful critters! have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Fantastic pictures Andrea. Even your moths are beautifully coloured there! Those Red Helen butterflies are fantastic.

  3. They are so beautiful! Thank you for showing them

  4. those butterflies are beautiful.. thanks for sharing..

  5. Great photos and the "red Helen" is amazingly beautiful


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