Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Day Drive

My officemate and i went north of the big city to buy tokens for the participants in my coming training. The whole-day training seminar is for the office's technical staff. Our chosen tokens this time are sports bags. So there we go, in this extreme heat, which took us more than 3 hours to reach the place. It was through a circuitous route to the other side of the mountain, so it is already dinner time when we returned.

The bag factory is owned by a cooperative in an export processing zone near the beach in Mariveles, Bataan. They already look successful as they already build a 4-storey building to house all the activities for manufacturing bags, from the materials housed in the first floor to the main office at the top. And most offices are airconditioned, a big blessing for comfort while working, and blessing for customers like us too.

On our way back we took our snack in a restaurant that is very attractive to the travellers, i will show you why!

This facility is in an open space at the side of the highway. At the left side is a small hotel, and on the right and front are rice fields. Can you see why this is attractive, aside from the loud colors? 
It looks like a very big bus, camped at the side of the wide "street"waiting for passengers. But it is actually a restaurant, airconditioned with well-uniformed staff, also with attractive colors.

I wonder if this is copied from a foreign brand, well-plated on top of the bus as well as near the highway, Mr. Cupcake. Yes they have cupcakes, but they have a very long list of titles in the Menu. 

At the left of the wide space with red cobble-stones is this small hotel. But it is the row of wall-clinging bougainvillea that is catching everyone's attention. They are flowering now, and very elegantly lining the expanse of the otherwise bare wall. I am awed myself. 

The mix of flower colors are very well chosen, not redundant. Maybe other people will emitate this style in their spacious property.

Three of us chose different menu, so we can see more samples. Above was my choice, not very creative in the name "fish and chips", but with dip choices. 

It was almost sundown when we left the place. The sunset was made more beautiful by the tint of the  van. Never mind the electric lines covering the nice view. We went home with full tummy, delighted.


  1. Very nice restaurant, looks like some of the diners here but this one is bigger I think. I always order fish and chips myself.

  2. A great place to have your snack dinner. The row of Bougainvilleas are breathtaking, I love to see these for us unusual plants growing like weeds at your place. The view over the rice fields also must have been beautiful.

  3. How colourful and pretty!

  4. Hello, the restuarant is cute and I like the name Mr. Cupcake. I like the fish and chips! The bougainvillea is beautiful. Gorgeous sunset capture! Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  5. Hi Andrea, It is so good to catch back up with you. I always think of you when I think of beautiful sunsets....

    Your Fish and Chips meal looks good --especially with the dipping sauces... YUM... AND--that little setting and all of the colors and flowers is just gorgeous...

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. The restaurant that looks like a bus is very cool! But what I love is the bougainvillea-covered hotel. How lovely!

  7. Color is everywhere there. It must be such a happy place. Fish was a common meal in Seattle too.

  8. That Restaurant looks great with it's modern shape & bright colours. As an avid Motorcyclist the Motorcycle with the Sidecar really caught my eye. Love the nice blue colour of the fuel tank with the yellow stripes.

  9. And your Fish & Chips look really yummy even if they were less than generous with the salad.

  10. Fish and chips with dips - the meal looked excellent! Hope it tasted as good as it looked, Andrea! I do hope your soaring temps. are not causing too much distress. By UK standards, it has been hot here - very hot - the last couple of days.


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