Monday, May 12, 2014

Catching the Light

Bronze colored water is a sunset reflection on the fishpond of my friend. He is raising milkfish and shrimps on his ponds north of Metro Manila.

 At the bottom is shot after sunrise in our garden in my province. I love the hairy periphery of this growing petunia.


  1. Great photos. Awesome closeup of the Petunia.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Both of these photos are marvelous. I think you captured the light perfectly, as well as the details of your plant.

  3. The last one is lovely, you certainly caught the light / Regards, Ritva

  4. That emerging plant is just lovely ---and a sure sign of spring. I love backlighting, but it's tricky sometimes for photography. Great detail and depth of field in your image.
    Today is my first entry in Nature Footstep (Image #21 on the list.) Please stop by.

    1. Thanks CJ for the visit and kind words. I love backlighting, but the quality really depends on the time of day. And i've read it is even more difficult to do in dry climates, fortunately our humidity is always high. By the way, we don't have spring, we only have the dry and rainy seasons.

  5. love the bronze color glow on the water. :)

  6. Bronze water! what a capture!
    Happy NN!

  7. Two lovely photos - the warmth of that golden pond is very welcome!

  8. I always enjoy your pics, Andrea , and these are really good as always! :)

  9. I love the way light can play with captured it beautifully.

  10. Oh Andrea... You did catch beautiful lighting in both photos.... Michelle


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