Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Summer Escapades

I have not been posting for a while here, i think my blogger friends are also dwindling away because i also haven't commented often in their posts. I hope they will not think that i am gone! haha i am still here and kicking, just a bit busy, or lazy!

I joined some people to Laiya, San Juan, Batangas to look for a venue of summer activities next month. It is a town in our province, near my town in geographical distance, but topographical barriers made it very far to reach. We have to go via another province to circumvent the mountains dividing our towns, reason why i haven't been there. It is a shame when we reach far away places, but haven't been to our own!

Mabini is my town, Laiya is at another cove at the other side of my province. No sea route is in place, so we have to take land transport via the towns of Bauan, San Pascual, Rosario, Padre Garcia then San Juan. That takes half day one way! I can visualize in my mind that if only we have a boat we will just be traversing 3 coves, easy isn't it? But the waves in these waters are probably treacherous, although that is not impossible. So finally i got there, a newly evolving tourist destination. And the resorts are mostly new, others still being developed. The vicinities are also undergoing construction.  Yes it is lovely! The best part of all is its nearness to Manila compared to other beaches to the North or South. Accessibility from Manila is the selling point.

From Manila take the South Luzon Expressway to Sto Tomas, Batangas, to San Pablo City, Laguna, then to Tiaong, Quezon, where a right turn takes you to San Juan. It is easily reached in 2.5 hours.

 While my companions are looking at the amenities and asking for the function and bedrooms, i am taking photos of the structures. Above is the expanse of the beach at the Acuaverde Resort. The next 4 photos are all in Acuaverde.

 I love their structures which incorporate local materials like bamboo and cogon (Imperata cylindrica) for the roof. Mixed with concrete they look very pleasant, and feel so hospitable. The rooms are also very clean and spacious.

 This is the big pavilion with two lower smaller ones. Groups can easily be accomodated here.

 Above are the rooms in apartment style. These areas are originally secondary growth forests, and they leave the big acasia trees during the construction. They are then trimmed and made parts of the landscape.

 Even the roof interiors are beautifully constructed, with coconut trunks serving as posts. Decors are also from local indigenous materials.

 Now, this is the entrance marker to the Kabayan Resort. It obviously also used local materials for their buildings and structures.

A house is typically patterned from the old houses, which are seldom seen these days. Posts above are already made from concrete, simulating old tree trunks. The outside walls are made of woven bamboo slats we locally call "sawali", then painted with natural varnish for durability. Inside finishings are made from woven palm mats with fine weaves. I peeped inside and the rooms are very clean too.

 This is an evolution of the first house, not anymore supported by posts but with concrete enclosures from the ground. Bamboos and wood also dominated the materials used. This is also for bigger groups of tourists.

The 3rd resort we visited is a typical high end facility. The big infinity pool is just behind the hotel building, with a view as if it really continues to the sea beyond. This is the only resort which can cater to big groups of more than 100. They also have big function rooms catering to company team buildings and conferences. 

It looks so pristine and inviting, but at the heat of the sun these days, this might not be of good use the whole day. Maybe people should swim before sunrise or after sunset. 

 This is the view from the moving elevator of the hotel building. It says where you are! Those houses also cater to private accomodations, what else can you ask for! Just call for a spa attendant and your tensions for the past few days will be massaged away!

We also sampled the buffet lunch in its restaurant at the hotel ground floor. It caters to my palate very well, and i love their cold red tea! It is a little pricey hotel, but you will be spending for privacy, contentment and delight for your hedonism.


  1. It is interesting to read about your travels. The resorts look lovely - a great place to spend a holiday. Have you decided which one you will visit in the summer?

    1. Hi Nick, it not I who intends to look for a place, it is my office. I will be joining as obliged, haha!

  2. We're still here Andrea and that's a very nice looking resort!

    1. Thanks so much Mark and Gaz for the assurance. You can try these resorts when you come for vacation, comparatively cheaper!

  3. Lovely looking chalets... and very pretty interiors of the roof...

    1. Hi Lrong, thanks for th visit again, haven't talked with you lately. Where is the next scuba tour?

  4. Andrea, I can quite understand when you sometimes don't post as often. I have been doing the same lately - just very busy with work. I would love to stay there. I wish the company I work for took us to places like that.

  5. This looks like a wonderful place to visit -- well worth the trip. I really like the style of the buildings. The ceiling of your interior photo is beautiful. The third resort looks a little fancy for my taste, but I'm sure I would enjoy a visit there as well.

  6. All of the place/resorts look great... As George said, the last one is above our pay-grade and interest.. BUT--even that would be nice, I'm sure... Great group of photos.

  7. Wow. These are really beautiful. I love how nature is incorporated into the design. I would be happy to sit on the beach or by the pool and read a good book, thank you for linking in Andrea... Michelle

  8. A nice way to spend your time...I like the first and last ones...enjoy!!

  9. Any one of the three would be fine with me!! LOL!!!


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