Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Never Ending Sunsets

What do you feel if all your afternoons are bathed with these views. To put it the other way, your afternoon views are perennially like these! To tell you frankly, when i am at home in the afternoons, i never forget to get my camera and record the ongoing drama beyond the horizon. But during cloudless skies like this one, i sometimes hope for more. Skies like this don't produce pinkish hues after the sun sets. When it sets, then the darkness just starts to come in, no fanfare, no colors!

 It is a very clear sky, very clean horizon! Not even an airplane or some of the birds passed by this afternoon.

 The sun wasn't even bothered in its bright splendour, till it reached the building in front of my vision, and it becomes dark.

Then that lone structure, with its spires and structural designs get lighted all around. This happens only once or twice a year most specially during their anniversary. I was puzzled when suddenly it gets so bright that evening. Handheld, without a tripod i didn't let it go unrecorded. Oh how i hate that billboard that blocks the left side of the Iglesia ni Cristo Church. It was almost 500 meters away from the building, but it directly blocked my vision. What a mess!

 To get away from the conventional i tried moving my camera in small jerks. These are the flares of fire leaping to the black heavens. These might look like the fires of hell, we don't know! We still haven't been there. Nevertheless, it is beautiful.


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Andrea.
    I hate it too when something like a billboard or overhanging wires mess up my photo compositions!

  2. Fantastic shots! The sunset is so beautiful!

  3. That last photo looks like the church is on fire! You have nice views from your place!

  4. if i lived where you live, i'd have a date with myself and the sunset every twilight.

  5. Wow---especially that next-to-the-last photo of the church lit up at night... That is GORGEOUS... We love taking photos of sunrises and sunsets since so many of them are different, one from another. You are right... The prettiest ones always seem to be the ones when there are some clouds around....


  6. Your sunsets are beautiful, even without clouds in the sky. I think you did a very good job with your hand-held photo of the church. It's a wonderful picture, even with the billboard. I like your 'fires of hell'.

  7. I was delighted to see your sunsets once again...just wonderful.

  8. This sunset may disappoint you but to me it is quite beautiful. No big spires here to punctuate a sunset. Thanks for stopping by my blog for GBBD. You are right in that I do get a long anticipation for spring and summer. By the end of summer I am anticipating fall and winter with great joy too. ha... Can I ever be satisfied? Probably not.

  9. Stunning photographs, Andrea, even without clouds. I can't see sunsets from my house, so I envy you. I do have some nice sunrises though. Nature blesses us daily. P. x

  10. What an interesting effect in that last photo! And you have a wonderful view--even if it is partially blocked by the billboard. Thanks for the reminder to capture beautiful sunsets when we see them!


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