Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Morning light on coconuts!

A very typical view while inside a passenger jeepney along the seashore in an early morning. I go home to the city for work usually on a Sunday afternoon. This time i tried leaving early Monday morning. I realized i should try doing this more often, but hopefully i have a few minutes to shoot the beach.

These are young coconut trees. This is a stony seashore so not very much frequented by swimmers. But fishermen with lovely small boats ply these waters often.

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  1. It might sound strange to you, but this is the first time I see coconuts trees. :)
    Nice beach shot.

    Here is mine:

  2. Beautiful photo, Andrea. The lighting is excellent. Those Coconut Palms are beautiful and just enhance that photo... Gorgeous...

  3. Yes nice pleasing light on these.
    Great shot!

  4. Beautiful photo as always Andrea!

  5. This is a beautiful photo, especially considering that you got it from a moving vehicle. I love the morning light that you've captured.

  6. Coconut Palms, how deliciously exotic, mind your head!

  7. A really lovely view, and makes me hungry for a good coconut curry.

  8. Okay, when are we getting invited in that tropical paradise :-)? I love coconut trees and of course fresh coconut, the baby-greens (we call daab in our language) and the beauty of the plant. What a lovely scene.

  9. What a gorgeous view. I could sit out there for hours at a time and the Coconut tree sets off this photo.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  10. That's a nice picture. I hope you didn't get hit on your head of one of them. :)
    Best whishes.

    1. hahaha, those are just seedlings yet. We are living with coconuts everywhere we go especially in the provinces. One is only hit by a falling coconut if he is stupid. Nobody here in the country has been hit by one yet!

  11. What a great view in the early morning on your way back home.

  12. What a lovely and peaceful picture Andrea. Wish I was there. LOL!
    My blog address has changed to:

  13. I have never gotten to take pictures of coconut trees. Nicely done.

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