Monday, November 22, 2010

Chicken Pantomime

This is a Phillippine native chicken,  which looks like any other chicken. Ours are fully organic, they roam and graze around the property to look for their food. Most landholdings in the provinces are  not fenced, so they are free to fend for themselves.

When still young they are still vulnerable. Their predators are monitor lizards, cats, crows and hawks. In adulthood,  their only predators are their human owners, especifically us, because we love chicken stew with young chili leaves and tops, immature papaya fruits with a little ginger.

These two think and act simultaneously, the same stimulus above affect them. Look at their heads and eyes.  What do you think made them act in unison?

They seem to have the same thing in mind! They even extended their necks more, inclined their heads further. I wonder why the other one has its mind far away and doesn't seem to mind. Maybe it is deaf, do you think chicken can get deaf too?

I love to call it the chicken pantomime, because for me that is a performance.By the way, I was actually their director, and i really wonder why they looked up, when i am at the same ground level as them.

P.S.  I just posted these chicken photos because One said she love animal photos more than plant photos. And she even further likes it when the animals have the same postures like my previous cats. Maybe she will love this better because chickens are difficult to coach, not even the domesticated chicken. Unless they are performing the pantomime!


  1. Andrea, Thank you for your chicken post. I think they are all staring at you. Why they stretched their neck although you were at the same height? They are probably admiring the aura above your head... :)

  2. My mom used to rear these chics. The hen is my favourite! Not as pet but for my dinner he he...

    Nice shots Andrea!

  3. I am like One. I too enjoy animal photos. Your chicken photos are really cute. They have flock mentality and I guess when you are going to be someone's dinner, you have to always be wary.

  4. They are most pretty! And a pantomine is a very apt word for their walk and head bobbing.

  5. Those are lovely chicken shots, Andrea, and how wonderful to have chickens roaming about the garden. : D

  6. Your chickens are very photogenic, Andrea, the roosters most handsome!

  7. Those may be some of the 'prettiest' chickens I have ever seen, Andrea.... Hope they don't end up in your chicken stew!!!!! ha


  8. I think chickens are such characters and a panto is just a perfect description for their antics. Btw my friend can tell what time it is from just looking out the window and seeing where in the garden the chickens are each day.

  9. Thank you, Andrea, for visiting Wild and Wonderful. Your flora and fauna photos are stunning: those chickens should win you a prize! They would make a lovely painting in that pose, too ...

  10. I wonder if they communicate the same way that ducks and geese do by bobbing their heads and making soft sounds.....Michelle

  11. Like One, I too like your animal posts. I enjoyed this chicken post very much. Wish I see them more often here. I still miss the cockeral's morning call. When I was little, my grandma bought a little chick for each of her grandchild. We name it after ourselves! It was so funny to see them grow from a yellow chicks to be male/female with different coloured feathers. It was heartbreaking when it was time to slaughter them.


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