Thursday, July 1, 2010

More for the Hot, Loud and Proud Meme

I have saved these photos in the Post site but has not properly located the names of the first 2 photos. Surely they are all from Family Rubiaceae. However, the first two photos' scientific names elude me until now. They grow like a bush or small tree and terribly beautiful in full sun. Butterflies and insects love them too.
(P.S. Thanks to Stephanie of  Steph's Garden for the ID of the first 2 photos: Carphalea kirondron)

Photos 3, 4 and 5 are  Ixora javanica. They also perform well even in partially shaded areas. They grow tall if not pruned. Reports show they have anti tumor properties.

Photo No. 6 is the Ixora coccinea, the dwarf counterpart. It has many hybrids and colors. Most Rubiaceae plants taste splendid for butterflies. I think maybe they love them because they don't need to go far for the nectar. They just transfer their proboscis from one flower to another within an umbel, and not waste lots of energy in flying. For photographers, it is easier to shoot them while in these flowers.

The next 3 photos grow, at least in our garden, 2-3 meters high.

Next photo is I. coccinea, dwarf and easy to maintain

Hi Noel, i am late in posting!


  1. Andrea, this is hot, loud and proud. The little flowers are lovely. In malay it is called jarum-jarum or 'needles'. As a kid we used to pull out the stamens and suck the nectar which is sweet. But nowadays, this is not encouraged especially at public places for fear that the plant may have been sprayed with insecticides.

  2. aloha andrea,

    these ixoras are gorgeous, i love the thick clusters of the first two...thanks for participating

  3. Ixoras are really a good plant to have. The clusters of blooms looks like a halfed ball from a distance. You won't miss them. They are really attractive. The plant in your first and second photo is Flaming Beauty (Carphalea Kirondron)? Both plants look alike. Flaming Beauty is less popular but the clusters of flowers are as beautiful.

  4. Wow! Love the bright ixoras!

  5. Wonderful flaming reds! Ixora is a common (and tough) plant in my area, but I don't think I know the first one at all. Do you also see a lot of hummingbirds on these plants?

  6. The dwarf ixora is ubiquitous in Florida, a fairly carefree, somewhat drought tolerant standby. Too much so, maybe. Pretty, though.

  7. Andrea, Those reds are wonderful -- hot, loud, and (especially) proud! -Jean

  8. Ixora are just beautiful plants. I love the vibrant colors of the flowers, which make them perfect for this meme :-)

  9. I saw Ixoras while in Hawaii. They are a beautiful flower. Your photographs are well suited to this meme.

  10. I prefer the Ixoras in your garden to our tiny little houseplant ones which I've overwatered on many an occasion. I can't believe how tall they get Andrea. So much better in their natural habitat and with such bright hot colours.

    I also found Autumn Belles info about sucking the nectar from them really interesting too.

    Thanks for sharing :) Rosie

  11. Autumn Belle - we did that too when we were kids but not much on these flowers but on another evergreen plant, which i forgot both the common name and the Sci name, hehe. We tried to immitate the birds in sipping nectar but we destroy the flowers! I think the kids today are most often detached from nature because of the propensity of computer games, etc. Can we assume they maybe more aloof from nature later in life!

  12. Noel - thanks for hosting this meme, we can expose our plants and flowers.

    Stephanie - thank you very much for the ID of my first 2 photos. i love Carphalea better because i dont see them often here.

    Aaron - thank you.

    Floridagirl - i dont know if they are hummingbirds, but there are birds who frequent these plants, as much as butterflies and bumble bees. Yes Florida vegetation is much same as ours.

    Kathlee, Jean, Noelle - thank you very much for your visit.

    Linda - yes Hawaii has lots of Ixora too. thanks for your visit.

    Rosie - Lol to your experience in overwatering! Yes Malaysia and the Philippines have many common traditions and culture, history says we are from Indo-Malay stock! Maybe kids plays are also carry-over of the past. Traditional kids' plays are good to reminisce when we are already grown up.

  13. wow, those certainly fit the theme!

  14. Gorgeous! The dwarf variety grows wild in my garden. They just pop up out of nowhere and refuse to go away. But I wish I had more of the Ixora javanica. They're a great favourite with the Sunbirds too.

  15. Hi, i just discovered your blog--i'm excited to learn which plants we have in common! The gorgeous Ixora javanica in your photos are the same that we had at our old house, always attracting butterflies and bees. saludos,


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