Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mountain in my Backyard!

Gulugod Baboy is the local term for pig's back. It suggests that the mountain is not that big. This mountain is located in my municipality but i went there last when i was in Grade 4. With the advent of blogging, facebook, etc I realized that many people even from the cities like Metro Manila go there during holidays, especially during Easter. Maybe it is a good practice for mountain climbing beginners, as there are different trails going to the peak. The area looks like a toungue protruding from the mainland, or a peninsula-like structure, with the sea around it except at the base of the "toungue". Resorts and scuba diving establishments abound at the foot of the mountain along the beaches. Its waters are famous for marine biodiversity and ecoparks. It is 3-4 hours by car from Manila and will be shorter when the newly constructed extension of the South Luzon Expressway will be opened.

After decades since my first visit, I went there again for two consecutive Saturdays. The first was before sunset with my 11 yr-old nephew, the 2nd  was sunrise with my sister, same nephew and our old dog, Jopet. When i was a kid there were still tall grasses, that  prevent me from seeing the view beyond. We still have to part the weeds so we can get through. Today, it is overly grazed by cattle that at summertime it looks like a bald head.

I will share with you my finds. This can be more meaningful for people here who can relate to our environment and climate. But this can also be new or unusual to people of the temperate climates, whose vegetation or environments are totally different from ours.

I.  The Afternoon Visit:

eastward overlooking the Batangas Bay, Batangas City is at the other side of the bay

Peak 1 or Pinagbanderahan or Tore (meaning 'where the flag was raised' or the Tower)

Peak 3, Summit the highest peak, the ridge going there is the back of the pig where it got its name

Calatagan Bay on the West side, famous for scuba diving, snorkelling, is also site for windsurfing when waters are rough

II. The Morning Visit

Allen exploring a more difficult way to the top! This i cannot try with him.

On view are Maricaban and Isla Sombrero Islands, while at the background is tip of Mindoro Island province. Campers getting ready to go home

The background peak is Mt Makulot in Cuenca, Batangas
 the same Mt Makulot

I dedicate this post to my childhood playmate, Ligaya (meaning Joy or Happiness), who migrated to Miami, Florida years ago! We just found each other again via the www lately and renewing our bond by reminiscing our ways when we were children. I am sure she missed our place very much, and this will put some water into her eyes!


Thanks to A Southern Daydreamer for hosting the Outdoor Wednesday here


  1. Hello Andrea, as one of the people from a temperate climate I very much enjoyed this photo tour! It is such a dramatic looking landscapre, and I just love the photo of the single figure on top of the peak :) Heidi

  2. Thank you so much for this little tour of your distant lands. What a lovely hike up Pig Mountain. I loved the misty picture with the mountain in the background. How wonderful to be able to see all that beauty.

    Congratulations on finding your friend, I'm sure she'll love this post of yours.


  3. What gorgeous views you have from the top of Pig Mountain. I liked the pictures on Pig Mountain as well. Thank you for sharing your part of the world.

  4. spectacular view!!. there is always that satisfying feeling when we are on top of things.... ~bangchik

  5. That's a fantastic scene! I'll probably just slide down if I climb the mountain like that!

  6. I know very little about your country,so this is excellent.The scenes are stunning.

  7. Lovely pictures. Have a nice day/Gela

  8. What a beautiful place! Love to go there some day. And sounds like a really unique place where there are majestic mountains and the beautiful ocean to enjoy - best of both worlds! Thanks for posting. Have another great day Andrea.

  9. How were your legs after that climb? What a neat place to hike!

  10. what can i say...i'm so honored. so touching. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. mixed emotions... so happy and proud that this is just in your (our) backyard. Feeling sad though that I'm not enjoying the place. I really miss everything there...i love all your pictures...full of story in each one.

  11. Guild-rez - i am glad you appreciate this post and i am successfull in showing off my place to you, at least. The single figure is my 11 yr-old nephew, Allen who was my guide for my first hike. They were there many times on their own while playing. That photo for me is so meaningful. thank you

    FlowerLady - i am glad many of you appreciated this post, which actually is very nostalgic for me and my friend. thank you for your visit.

    Linda - thank you also for your visit, i didn't know the views around us till i got there.

    Bangchik - it was the feeling that we made something big, and of course that we conquer the fatigue, hehe!

    Aaron - yes the kids love to do that in their minds, that's why i was afraid of Allen coz he might fall to the deep slope!

  12. Absolutely stunning shots of Pig Mountain and surrounding area. I truly enjoyed the tour and your blog.

  13. oh my, this is not an easy climb.:p this mountain is bald--are there grasses here after rainy season? i love your photos, and i'm glad you found your childhood friend again.

  14. Ruth - i am glad i was able to show you a bit of my world, please visit again. If you will come here i can be your personal guide!

    Gela - i hope you have a wonderful day too, God bless and thanks for visiting.

    Stephanie - you have the same scenes there also in Malaysia.

    Islandgal - hehehe, yes my legs were tired for 3 days and i had to go to the spa immediately upon return to the city where i am working.

    ma'ligaya - yes you should be touched and miss a lot of things. How did you feel about the addresses to us i placed in FB, hehe! Come here na sooner, so we can hike up there! I still cannot open your name's link in the comment section, maybe you did not put the correct URL.

  15. This land speaks to my soul. It is just beautiful!
    Joyce M

  16. Andrea, what a breathtakingly beautiful place this is. It is even more magical when you have childhood memories attached. The most wonderful part is that it is by the beach. I am so happy to know that you have found your childhood friend. That's a treasure. The picture of the little boy on the huge mountain is most beautiful.

  17. Breathtaking photographs. Thank you so much for sharing. It's absolutely a slice of heaven!

    Dropping by from Outdoor Wednesday, #3.

  18. Both the area and pictures are beautiful and compel me to spent some time watching them again and again.

  19. Andrea, beautiful photos of breathtaking mountains and sunset. Thank you for taking us there and sharing part of your history. I never realized the beauty.

  20. Glad you renewed your acquaintance with the mountain. Is it volcanic in origin?

    Too bad about excess cattle grazing. That will lead to erosion (mudslides in storms?) and as the topsoil slides away, nothing will grow.

    The last picture is a work of art.

  21. What a fabulous tour! Great shots. I especially loved the misty picture with the mountain in the background. How wonderful that you and your childhood friend have been able to reconnect!

    ~ Tracy

  22. Wow love our countryside.
    Breathtaking scenes and captures!
    Such a wonderful outdoor Andrea.

    Have a good day.

  23. Hi Nids. you have just such a wonderful shot of Allen on top of the bald mountain..i love your shots and the writings that I've been viewing your posts almost everyday. Keep posting..it's getting to be my therapy.

  24. LV and Luna Miranda - thank you so much for the appreciation, please drop by again.

    Light and Voices - i am honored by such words, 'touching the soul' is so deep in meaning.

    Autumn Belle - my Virtual Friend, some people also like that photo with Allen on top. I emotionally like it too!

    Allison and Birdy - isn't that too much exageration! but thanks whatever!

    Diana - i am always willing to anytime bring my friends to my favored lands, we are known for hospitality, hehe!

    Kathleen - i am so honored by your description. Even the authorities don't know if its volcanic, but we have an active volcano nearby, Taal Volcano. Mt Pinatubo was never suspected to be a volcano, but it just erupted. Yes too much grazing is bad for the land, but here in the country regulation for natural resources is not that strict. Yes it is depressing. thank you.

    Ms Bake it - thanks for the appreciation and the nice words about me and my reunited friend.

    Regina - yes there are still some beautiful places in our country which you have not seen, i hope you can come and visit too.

    Ma'ligaya - you should have read all the comments, many refer to you too and our friendship, which is somehow tied up with this post and photos. You inspired me to do this. thank you. I hope i'm always inspired, coz i easily get tired of repetitions. hehe.

  25. Andrea the scenery is spectacular with those lovely mountain scenes in the background. Those campers certainly picked a choice site to overlook.

    It certainly has been overgrazed - that must have made it difficult to climb up - I've no doubt Allen took the hard way up. I think it must have been even more daunting to get down from it again without sliding down. Was there a path for you to walk on?

    Wonderful news about finding your friend through the internet. I found my childhood best friend through the net a few years ago too. I'm sure this post will bring back so many memories for Ligaya.

  26. What stunning photos, Andrea! This is such a beautiful place. As a Midwesterner who lives where the horizon is flat, without any hills, let alone mountains, the view of mountains seems magical to me. Love the photo of your nephew climbing his way to the top! Thanks for giving us this tour of a lovely part of your homeland.

  27. I love it when 2 almost the same names comment to my post. And it's lovelier if they posted consecutively, as now. Rosie and Rose.

    Rosie - thank you so much for your observations, i am so amused that you really remember the names i mentioned there. However, you forgot the difficult travails of our dog, Jopet, hehehe. So we are both thankful for the technology because we found childhood friends.

    Rose - you are very much welcome and your comments very much appreciated too. I understand your situation, because when i go to flat places like yours and i can't even see a mountain in the horizon, i feel so suffocated. Maybe i will not be able to stay in a place like that. As in food, maybe it is also a matter of getting used to, but maybe i will not be used to it. I haven't felt being bored, but in that location i surely will be!

  28. Love the mountain great pixz. tQ.

  29. The sky, water and mountain are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this wonderful adventure!

  30. Gorgeous....what a beautiful post..an adventure full of beauty!
    Have a happy day!

  31. Wow, these are really gorgeous photos! I bet it's the most amazing place to camp, and a great place for kids to just run around and have fun under the sky.

  32. BAnanaZ - what a name, hehe! thanks for dropping by.

    The Garden Ms. - i am inviting you to visit here again, i have coffee or tea for you. Or even watermelon shake!

    Kiki - thanks again for the kind words, happy blogging day!

    Wendy - yes it feels good in those mountains especially when it's not so windy. Most of the time it is Windy, Wendy! hehe. thanks.

  33. Hi Andrea,

    Simply love the views! We live far away from the sea and I find seaside scenes fascinating. Thank you for posting these majestic photos and showing us your part of the world.

    Got back from my mother's. Will soon be posting about a clerodendrum I saw at your blog.


  34. I love mountains. I grew up among the hills in California and now enjoy the desert mountains in Arizona. I love the beautiful views that you shared with us of your beautiful country as seen from the mountains :-)

  35. Kanak - thanks for the visit, i also envy your location in relation to the Himalayas! To be in that area at least once is a dream come true for me too.

    Noelle - thank you so much, this is an alternative mountain views from the most famous ones, hehe! At least our folks around the world will be reminded of home and aspire for a visit home sooner!

  36. i don't know how to go here by commute. Ive been wishing to have a relaxed hike here.


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