Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An Unusual Unique Bouquet

Hibiscus for Wordless Wednesday

Thanks to Dr. Pablito Magdalita, the biotechnologist and Hibiscus breeder who got these flowers from his collections and made this bouquet. He said if i go there i can choose one plant i like best, except for the blue one! What about that friends! Maybe some of you are envious.

I am giving this as a gift to my Malaysian blogfriends Autumn Belle, Stephanie, Jacqueline, Bangchik and James Missier. This is a descendant of their National Flower which is the red hibiscus.

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I am finally giving this bouquet to Tootsie of Fertilizer Friday, as a gift for her energies in finishing her garden planting alone without complaining.


  1. very colourful hibiscus. Yes, the red hibiscus is our national flower. In younger days we used to pull out the young flowers to taste the nectar! How sweett..


  2. so pretty. Choosing a plant, lucky girl!

  3. Wow, very nice collection of hibiscus flowers. You did a very nice job to put them together. BTW, I sent you an email to the address on your profile since you left a comment on my Fairchild garden post saying you want to contact me via the email. Just reply that email and leave a brief comment to my recent post. I will make sure to check that email.

  4. What a beautiful arrangement ... they really are stunning blooms. I think I rather prefer the yellow one with the dark centre ... that is lovely.

  5. Your bouquet is really lovely and gorgeous, which gives me an idea for 'Monthly Garden Bouquet' that Noelle is hosting on the 3rd week of every month. Yours is perfect for it, so do add your link.

    The grey/brown hibiscus with blue center is very unique, one I have never seen before.

    Andrea, do you have a picture of the changeable Hibiscus mutabilis? I still haven't seen a real one yet.

  6. Beautiful hibiscus indeed! I have only seen bright red one so far.

  7. Thanks Andrea! Yes, I am envious :-( I really love the colouration of each bloom. Each has its own appeal. Love the way you put the flowers together like that (look so pro!) :-D

    Way to go Dr Pablito Magdalita! Continue to breed more hibiscus yeah.

  8. Bangchik - we used to play with it too because the anthocyanins dissolve in water, so we get its color.

    Teresa - hehe, thanks.

    Ruth - thanks for dropping by, i have more in the future, so please check more often.

    Ami - actually it is Dr Magdalita who did that, i just took the photo for posterity.

    Bernie - seems everyone has their own choice. Autumn Belle and mine's preference is the gray one.

    Autumn Belle - we have same choice but i still prefer his blue one, hehe, which he doesnt want to give. He will still use it for breeding. Abt photo of H. mutabilis will still look for it, please wait.

    BK - thanks for dropping by, come more often.

    Steph - did you see my dedication for you. If only you are near i will make you one bouquet too!

  9. such wonderful exquisite colours Andrea. I am only used to seeing the orange, pink, red, yellow and white here.

  10. Oh, Andrea, that is a unique bouquet! Very exotic and tropical looking. You might find that I become a copycat for one of my summer MGB posts.

  11. You may be short on blues but these colors are gorgeous! It was interesting to see your rare blue blooms below.

  12. I did not know that hibiscus comes in so many beautiful colors. What a great variety!

  13. Pretty! I love all the colors. The smoky blue one at the end is really cool - not quite as perky and tropical as hibiscus usually are, but really unique!

  14. I have not been successful with hibiscus, so I am really envious of these. So many colors ... amazing! A very unique bouquet indeed.

  15. I am a little jealous too Andrea! Hibiscus would not grow for me here, but I have really enjoyed looking at your bouquet of their lovely blooms!

  16. Rosie - actually there's a lot more colors and variations. Dr Magdalita just included these colors here. There actually is a darker blue which is not in bloom when this was done.

    Floridagirl - hehe, you are not though i haven't been there yet, i will after this.

    Lydia - thanks for your visit, please come again.

    Sarah - thanks for your appreciation, but actually there really is a darker blue, which is not yet in bloom when this was done. I will post the photo whenever i got the chance.

    Deb, Wendy - yes there are a lot more! If you can just see the collection at the germplasm nursery!

    Pam - yes it could be difficult in your climate, here you can just leave them and just appreciate the blooms, hehe.

    Gisella - don't worry if you can't grow them i will give you some more to see often. The same with me in my appreciation for Viola, bleeding heart, grape hyacinths, wisteria, which are all not possible to grow here!

  17. aloha,

    you have beautiful hibiscus blooms coming out today, i love the bronzy/blue one its very unique

    thanks for sharing it today

  18. Hibiscus are such beautiful flowers and I am glad that they also grow in our area. Your bouquet is just lovely. Thank you very much for participating!

  19. What a lovey collection! It would be difficult to choose among them.

  20. Noel - yes that one received the most attention because of the uniqueness. I bet nobody here in the country has seen it because it is still in the nursery.

    Noelle - i just took photos of this bouquet specially for your hosted site. thank you for that!

    Millie - thank you for your first visit here, hope you will come back again!

  21. awe!!! aren't you a sweetie!!! thank you!

  22. beautiful..very colorful. I love your photos. keep posting.

  23. Gorgeous bouquet! I love hibiscus. The "blue" hibisicus looks more green than blue except for the throat, but what unique coloration and very intriguing!

  24. Tootsie - thank you, if only you are near i will give you a real one, and another one for Noelle.

    Ma'Ligaya - success post! haha. i already removed the trial comment. thank you so much because of all the comments here you are the only one i know personally, and a lot more!

    Sweet Bay - actually it is not yet the blue i am referring to, there really is a real blue which is not in bloom yet when this is done! Amazing breeder isn't he!

  25. They are stunning! Just like a big bouquet of daylilies and azaleas combined. It will be a hard choice to choose just one!

  26. That is an utterly astounding bouquet. Thank you, friend.

  27. Hello.
    Flowers are very beautiful.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.

    From the Far East.
    Best regards.

  28. Tina, Sandy and Ruma - thank you very much for your visit and kind words. I hope you will not get tired of visiting.

  29. These are so gorgeous! You're one lucky gardener to get your pick of these awesome plants.
    And I love the way you've arranged them together to show off their beauty


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