Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Guess What Flower - Wordless Wednesday


The first 3 photos have yellow petioles,
while the last photo has violet petioles.
These are photos of 2 varieties.

Happy Wordless Wednesday!



  1. When saw the first picture I thought it was a jasmine or a fragrant flower.
    Only at the last picture does the flower seemed obvious.

    Is that a male flower of the papaya tree?

  2. Andrea, the flowers grew from the nodes... funny. Hmm... I have not seen something exactly like this before. So I couldn't guess. But the the blooms do look like Jasmine a lot...

  3. I think the hint is in the last photo which looks like papaya leaves and fruits. So it is papaya flower, the male flowers which are long and slender.

  4. Hello Andrea,
    the answer is carica papaya!!
    - Cheers Gisela.
    Thank you for comment to continue with my blog.

  5. I have no idea, but these blooms are beautiful, nd we don't have then here.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I have no idea - it looks beautiful though.

  8. Very fun!
    I can almost taste the yummy papaya!

  9. My blogging friends, i expressed my mirth here because for me it really is a joke to be posting papaya flowers. I just found them beautiful too, so i thought why not post them as ornamentals too. Maybe we have been so centered with real ornamental flowers, neglecting the fruit flowers.

    James and Steph, yes they look like Jasmine flowers.

    To Steph, Tatyana, Rosie - Autumn Belle, Melanie, Guild-rez and Q are right in saying they are papaya flowers.

    Yes Autumn Belle - the first 3 photos are male flowers because they are branching and slender.

    Guild rez - yes! Carica papaya, hurray!

    James and Melanie - pardon me for saying this, but you know what! Botanically, papayas are not called trees, as in coconuts and bananas! I will still search how they are called because i already forgot my botany. I just know they are not trees, please laugh with me. I just call them papaya plants vs papaya fruits.

  10. Great pictures showing the papaya flowers. Always enjoy papaya as dessert - plain and simple and nutritious!

  11. Beautiful flowers. I can just smell them here.

  12. I was also going to say jasmine. THe last, I did not know. I don't think I've ever seen papaya's on a tree before - so thanks for that!

  13. I saw papaya flowers for the first time. The curvy petals made them very different. The tree picture from the top is awesome.

  14. For Keats, Riet, Wendy and Birdy - thank you so much. I tried to veer away from the ordinary so that people will see that not only ornamental plants have beautiful flowers, even fruit trees have them. I am glad that some of you, like Wendy and Birdy, have seen papaya flowers the first time through me. I will be introducing some more flowers in the future. Thank you very much

  15. Hi Andrea, I saw your comment on my blog so came over here to visit you. I don't know the answer to the question; the flowers are pretty though.

  16. Thanks for the answers! I hope you didn't have to climb very high for these he he...

  17. aloha andrea

    this i mention my new meme the hot, loud and proud is coming up on the 31st, hope you can join us for this, there's one prior you can see to check it out


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