Friday, June 6, 2008

Kids, dogs and kittens!

Allen's pet cat has 3 kittens. He called the 2 females as Muningning and Maripusa! Talk of creativity! We had a very good laugh with his choice of names. I think he was inspired by Wowowee's dancers Luningning and Mariposa. The male is called Shrek, you know from where that is. The kittens sleep with him often, and they are very comfortable with Allen's rough handling. Maripusa even stays on his head.
The kittens are very curious and probably think they are not cats. Look at how curious Muningning is when Eriel cuts the grass. Eriel was even alarmed when she almost cut its hand, because it touches the scissors while at work. They really made the kids' vacation more exciting.

Those are just some of their antics, aside from the constant chasing of its own tail. Allen was very worried because Maripusa eats toads and lizards, because its mother taught them that. However, Muningning and Shrek dont like it raw, instead they want the normal cooked fish leftover. The kittens and Jopet (Allen's pet dog) also play with each other. Because Jopet is like a father to the kittens, it teaches them to play and doesn't get impatient.
Dogs and cats even join Allen in flying his kite.

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