Friday, November 18, 2016

5th Floor Window Sunsets 2016

I hope you still remember my horizon, my sunsets. I am sorry for posting almost the same looks, as that is the only horizon i got from my 5th Floor Window.

I have posted these style the previous years to compare the position of the sun's view in relation to the objects in my horizon. This just shows the movement of the earth in its rotation in one day, and in relation to the sun in a year's time. I noticed the single path for the first 7 months or until July, after which the the sun was observed coming back to the original position. To the astronomers and physicists, that will mean very different things, but for me that is just a wonderful way for my sunsets not to be boring. Can you imagine what i will feel if the sun is always on top of the spire of that Iglesia ni Kristo church? I might not be too eager to watch my sunrise if that happens.

Another nice thought is the reality that our earth is still moving. Or else we might be at the end of our state! I will be too alarmed when that happens! God bless.












November sundown

November sundown

November sundown

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