Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Blooming in August

I missed again posting for July's GBBD. Our plants are already at the height of their lushness and growth last month, in response to the rains that started to come last June. However, despite being already at the rainy season, rains also seldom come. It normally just arrives together with storms and typhoons. And when there is a big international storm our Southeast Monsoon is affected, giving us rains and strong winds. But the plants do favorably well, as long as the soil still has sufficient moisture for the roots, and the skies are mostly open for the sunlight to get through.

These are my plants that are already flowering. They will continue this way, as they are mostly perennial plants.

one of my vanda orchids left from previous collections

Turnera ulmifolia growing nicely even during the dry season, but lovelier with the rains

Pentas lanceolata red experienced dryback last season, now starting to be lush again

roses are showing the new leaves, favorably producing more leaves to favor flowering

this shrimp plant dwindles also without water, but we maintained 
it to at least live and wait for the rains

another Pentas lanceolata, with bigger umbels

even the adenium looks happy now
a perennial lantana which has been here for several years are just pruned at the start of the rainy season to be rejuvenated. It is a favorite of the butterflies too.

i love the new lantana shoots showing some colors as protection from UV rays

Crinum zeylanicum only flowers during rainy season, its scent is lovely too. It experienced defoliation by several moth larvae last dry months

This Hippeastrum X johnsonii, have a few scapes latently arising even after months of rains. 

This Salvia also dwindled during the dry months, but we kept it alive to wait for the rains. Now it is flowering profusely and beautifully.

There is still a lot of flowering plants this season, i just limit the crowded photos in a post. These are just a few of our plants, a lot more are seen around including my hoyas. They need a whole post for themselves.

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