Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Tallest Living Wall in the World!

Vertical gardens have been increasingly seen in cities around the world. With the increasing pollution due to transportation exhausts these gardens lessen the pollution impact. Infrastructure designs vary depending on the intention of the landscape architects or gardeners, and also to the overall maintenance and total cost through time.

It was Patrick Blanc who pioneered making sustainable vertical gardens. He is a French botanist, working at the French National Centre for Scientific Research, where he specializes in plants from tropical forests. His house epitomizes his dreams, and literally materialializing with him, with all the sidewalls and nooks full of tropical plants. From there, his projects turned up in most big cities of the word. They are like monuments built to honor him. He is trying to bring nature with fresher air to people in big cities, in turn creating a better quality of life.

These look like normal window sill ornamental plants. They are small to medium size plants with flowers. Then have a second look, there are wires that guides their growths upwards and maybe downwards. They are well maintained, growing well and beautiful.

This is where it came from. The cropped first photo is at the top middle section of the above. Everything there grows favorably well, and the central wider portion has diagonal designs with different colors of plants. Isn't it awesome?

 Now look at the height of that central portion occupying several floors of the building. This photo shows the vertical expanse of at least 5 floors.

What about the above? Can you now visualize the whole expanse of the vertical garden? It is incredibly tall and wide, everything growing profusely well.

The above is the expanse of the whole structures. At the top of the taller building are 38 luxury penthouse apartments, where underneath is a heliostat of motorised mirrors that direct sunlight down onto the gardens.  At night the cantilever is used as a canvas for a LED light installation by Yann Kersale. The gardens are fed through hydroponics. 

One Central Park Sydney Tower by Jean Nouvel together with Patrick Blanc is now the World's Tallest Vertical Garden. The living wall is a 166 meter facade with 190 native Australian and 160 exotic plants.  The towers are  116 metres and 64.5 metres in height,  with 624 residential apartments, and also include shops, cafes, restaurants and office units.   Regular guided tours to the gardens are available.

"The building, together with my vertical garden, will be an architectural work floating in the air, with plants growing on the walls – it will create a very special result that will be very new to Sydney," said Blanc.

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