Thursday, July 2, 2015

Skywatching Again

Those of you who have been browsing or following my posts for so many years are familiar with the scenes through my 5th Floor Window. Yes, you remember right, they are mostly sunsets. But of course, i am at the west side of the building and i don't regret that fact. I am making the most out of it and so far i am very contented from the scenes i see, except for some what we call the price of progress and development. They can be ignored when shot in silhouette. And sometimes i just need not care, just ignore those negative scenes.

We all know that sunsets are like fingerprints or DNA sequences. They change in minutes even at the same viewing point, change through space too. In a 30 minute afternoon, we can produce a lot of sunset scenes. My angle is less than 180 degrees, but i can be contented with that, or else i might not be able to manage otherwise. For this post i will show samples of them through the months of watching, I hope you can feel the enthusiasm i had when taking them. Have a nice evening!








night scene in June

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